Skin Meets Mindfulness With This Handy Journal

For those that love to incorporate holistic wellness, mindfulness and/or gratitude into their spa or clinic practices, we have some exciting news – a new skin mindfulness diary has just launched, created by clean makeup artist and natural skincare advocate Georgina Alexandra.

Skin Journal, which can be stocked in spas or clinics, serves as a multi-functional take-home tool including skin diary, gratitude journal, stress relief tool, and all-round education book, covering topics including gut health, lunar cycle, face mapping, skin types and various products. The 28-day skin diary component is designed predominantly for brides, those with an upcoming special occasion, or those simply wanting to track their skin progress over a month. The diary makes a great tool for entry-level clean skincare enthusiasts wanting to improve their homecare and incorporate holistic wellness into their mix.

After studying makeup artistry, creator Georgina was left confused post-graduation when it came to skin care advise and disliked the toxicity found in commercial products.  “I only use clean products because it is better for both our health and the environment. I have a passion for education, and I love to be a part of the conversation about the importance of our health and the correlation between what we are putting on our skin that is being absorbed and the high importance of our planet, too.”

The 28 days, which are broken up with informative pages on subjects like pimples and body exfoliation, toxic makeup ingredients and commonly asked questions, encourages users to record their daily cleansing habits, mark areas of concern on a face chart, record water intake, as well as jot down three things they are grateful for, and any positive changes they have noticed.

“This diary isn’t about me trying to convince you to make the switch to natural, organic products,” says Georgina in her instructions. “It’s about creating awareness around the health of your skin, about the patterns and habits of your skin and how you can support and listen to what it is trying to tell you.”

Georgina hopes that her journal’s holistic and self-starting approach will help with “releasing the inner feminine goddess of each beautiful soul with the teachings of understating the cosmetic organic, natural, non-toxic and sustainable world.”

She also hopes to improve the world for females everywhere one skin journal at a time, with $1 from each sold going towards

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