A Skin Therapist’s Guide To Beauty Expo

Two packed days of beauty education is just around the corner, with the Australian beauty industry’s premier event, Beauty Expo Australia, fast- approaching on August 24-25th! Beauty Expo’s line-up of Australian and international superstar educators will be touching down in Sydney next month to share their unmatched tips and techniques with eager beauty professionals, on categories including anti-ageing / dermal, business, professional skills and hands-on workshops. So what education sessions are must-sees for skin therapists this year?

Esteemed nutritional medicine practitioner and skincare expert, Fiona Tuck, will lead two highly-anticipated sessions on the importance of nutrition and skin health. Fiona’s ‘The Role of Nutraceuticals in Skincare – Choosing Internal Skincare Supplements’ and ‘Slowly Ageing – The Must-Have Holistic Approach to Skin’ Look ‘n’ Learns are set to be a fascinating insight into the role of nutrition in skincare, the benefits of a holistic approach to skin, and how incorporating nutrients into treatment plans to support skin health can maximise client results.

Fiona notes that the skin is one of the first places to show signs of nutrient depletion, so incorporating nutrients to support skin health allows skin therapists to treat the skin from within, ultimately maximising client results and in-clinic treatments.

“We know that good nutrition is important for healthy glowing skin, but new research shows that gut health also plays a huge role not only in our general health and wellbeing, but also in the health of the skin. My sessions at Beauty Expo will discuss how, in order to truly get the best results for our clients, it is imperative that we not only treat the skin topically but that we also support the skin from within,” Fiona said.

Nutraceuticals are of course still booming when it comes to holistic skincare, and Beauty Expo is the ideal platform for professionals to learn more.

“Keeping up to date in the latest research and trends is important to stay one step ahead of competitors. For anyone serious about results driven treatments, my sessions are must-sees at Beauty Expo,” Fiona concluded.

Another highlight on the Beauty Expo agenda is from prominent skin educator, Gay Wardle, who will demonstrate the intricate relationship between stress and skin conditions, including inflammation and ageing, in her ‘The Stress Connection to Ageing Skin’ Look ‘n’ Learn. Skin therapists and beauty professionals alike will gain the skills and confidence needed to support clients with stress-related skin conditions.

Just some of the top tips Gay will share in her session on how skin therapists can best treat their clients’ stress-related accelerated ageing are firstly to evaluate the level of stress the client is under whilst not being too aggressive towards the skin, and taking the time to prep the skin with home care solutions and clinic treatments that are not aggressive.

“Stress affects all of us in some way every day. What we need to understand is the impact stress has on the skin and how it ages. My session will cover pigmentation that is caused by stress, how and why collagen and elastin deteriorate when we are under stress and the effect stress has on wound repair. It is a must-see session this Beauty Expo,” Gay said.

When performing beauty and dermal therapy procedures, effective and appropriate infection control is paramount. Chairperson of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians, Jennifer Byrne, will discuss the increasing importance of risk assessments in beauty salons through her interactive ‘Infection Control: Are you meeting your obligations for safe practice’ Look ‘n’ Learn.

“Infection control is something that we all need to be concerned about, as resistant organisms are moving out of health care environments and into community settings. Having a risk assessment process in place provides managers a way to benchmark the quality and safety of their services and treatments. Having these systems in place also allows your staff to confidently convey to clients how treatments will be performed to minimise risk and also what will happen in the event an adverse outcome occurs which builds trust,” Jennifer said.

Lastly, certified dermal therapist, Linda Long, will discuss the ageing process through the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond in her interactive and engaging ‘Beauty Through the Ages’ Look ‘n’ Learn. Skin therapists will leave this session with a better understanding of the timeline for the visual effects of ageing, such as open pores, fine lines, pigmentation, loss of fat pads, skin elasticity and gravitational changes, and will be guided as to what treatments will best remedy these signs of ageing in their clients.

Visitors wanting to make the most of their Beauty Expo Australia experience can take advantage of the incredible value Anti-Ageing / Dermal Pass, which includes access to all eight Anti-Ageing / Dermal education sessions over the Beauty Expo weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your beauty tribe and prepare for two days dedicated to beauty at Beauty Expo 2019. Tickets are available at www.beautyexpoaustralia.com.au

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