7 Ways To Improve Workplace Wellness In Your Spa Or Clinic

Use these tips to create a healthy work environment and improve your team’s workplace wellness.

With the hustle and bustle of the daily grind well and truly back in full swing, or with the stress and uncertainty that ongoing lockdowns in some states bring with them, creating a healthy and productive work environment is more important than ever. Our round up of tips goes beyond your average checklist of OH&S precautions to help you truly care for your staff and encourage them to both live and perform at their best.

Get Organised

Ensuring your team know their schedule in advance, and know what to expect from each day, can help to alleviate a lot of stress. Plan your rosters as far in advance as possible and put aside dedicated time to run through the daily plan with each team member as they arrive for the day.

Having clear guidelines on your expectations, and workplace processes also helps to make team members feel organised and in control.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Great communication is the solve to many common problems faced in the workplace. There are plenty of tools that can help your team create safe and open spaces for clear communication that will help keep everyone on the same page. Schedule regular work meetings that allow staff to take the floor and have their say, make use of apps like Slack or WhatsApp for communication or have an anonymous questions and suggestions box.

Open communication also helps your team members feel heard and able to contribute. Their input can help shape the experience in your spa or clinic and their guidance will help you create a workplace in which they’re happy to work.

Reconsider Your KPIs

The desire to meet your targets and prove yourself on paper can cause a lot of anxiety amongst team members. Having Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is essential for any business. But it might be time to take a close look at these and its impact on your team.

Your KPIs should encourage a little hustle but shouldn’t make your team members feel like they can’t live up to expectations. You should also ensure your team are able to work together to achieve targets, rather than having to compete with each other.

Take Time Out

It’s not enough to simply encourage your team to take time out. You need to facilitate it. Ensure you’re always having your team take their full lunch and rest breaks throughout the day and create a relaxing space for them to do so. If your space is too small for a dedicated staff area, scout out local areas that are appropriate for lunch breaks or offer other encouragement like lunch vouchers for healthy meals.

Most importantly, do your best to refrain from talking about work during lunch breaks or asking questions about work of your staff on their days off.

Encourage A Little TLC

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind. So, helping your team create healthy routines that care for their mind, body and soul will help improve their general quality of life and workplace wellness. Some ideas? Provide them with journals to write in, have everyone share their favourite healthy recipes, give your team notes of encouragement or create awards that show value for their hard work.

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Do Work Meetings Differently

Instead of regular old catch-ups for your staff meetings, try something different that encourages wellbeing and better team connection. Try taking a cooking class together and getting a drink afterwards. Or take your team out for Pilates or a meditation session and chat through work things over coffee afterwards.

Put Safety First

It may not be as exciting as a team cooking class or as invigorating as a Pilates session but safety is crucial to the wellness of your team members. With clear guidelines and best practices in place, your team will be able to work safely at all times protecting both themselves, each other and your clients.


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