Launch A Career in Wellness

Wellness is now a staggering $3.7 trillion market and one of the fastest-growing industries on Earth, more than three times larger than the $1 trillion global pharmaceutical industry.

In spite of the increased investment in research and associated understanding of the influence that lifestyle choices have on our overall quality of life, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and mental health disorders continue to rise.

The team at the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy (ASWA) believes that the road to positive, lasting change starts with you – the individual.

ASWA has launched self-paced e-courses designed to empower people to thrive at their personal and professional best, with a commitment to demystifying the often confusing world of wellness.

The Academy takes a proactive approach to wellness through an integrated framework designed to inspire, guide and support students to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

You can learn the skills and tools to achieve and sustain personal wellness with the eight week Wellness Within program, or launch into the first-ever Australian Accredited Diploma of Wellness, allowing you to take your qualification anywhere with international credibility.

“At ASWA, we’re not just a training academy, we’re a movement! Our community is working to reverse the tide of the world’s health crisis,” says ASWA founder Angela Derks.

“Wellness should be within everyone’s reach – that is our philosophy. We believe that we can all do more to empower individuals, workplaces, businesses and communities to live healthier, happier lives with optimum vitality and sustainability.

“ASWA’s team consists of well-respected spa, wellness and management professionals that are passionate about creating benchmarks and innovative strategies to weave wellness into all constructs of daily life.

“Our programs cover the essentials of nutrition, sleep, exercise, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and are designed to empower students to integrate these skills into their personal lives and into a workplace culture.

“As a student, you choose the pace at which you study. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to study anywhere and at any time that suits your needs and lifestyle, with our help and guidance available to you every step of the way.”


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