How To Save Clients Precious Time

With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, the demand for in-and-out, time-efficient services has never been higher. There is of course still a booming industry in holistic wellness and relaxation-based therapies, but for those more top line or purely aesthetic treatments, most clients will be looking for options they can have on their lunchbreak, between work and dinner, or between meetings.

This demand has created a new generation of what we’re deeming the ‘multi-treatment’, with salons, spas and clinics implementing new strategies and technologies to cut down service times. We all know time is money, so these tactics can be of great benefit and increase the number of clients you can see in a day – as long as you’re still delivering the all-important results!

Here are the time-saving trends we’re seeing come into play.

Multi-Functional Tech
There are plenty of amazing new multi-purpose devices on the market right now, but this year we’re seeing the emergence of tech that offers multiple functions on the same treatment area, particularly when it comes to Light Therapy. Brands like Aduro Australia produce LED face masks that incorporate 8 different light combinations, so you can customise the light type (and the benefits that light offers) on different areas of the face.  This means you can offer, for example, anti-ageing on the forehead, anti-redness on the cheeks, and even teeth whitening, all during a single session.

Multiple Therapists
Some spas and salons are now utilising multiple therapists to perform treatments on a single client – an excellent time-saving initiative. This is a popular move particularly for laser clinics offering package prices on hair removal across large areas, such as Brazilian and full legs, or perhaps for spa clients booking in for both manis and pedis. Incorporating multiple therapists, depending on the treatment, can also greatly enhance the client experience. For example, renowned Sydney-based Jocelyn Petroni offers a signature facial service that involves two therapists working together in simultaneous harmony, with one treating the face whilst the other nurtures the hands. Both therapists will then massage the face, neck, hands, arms, décolletage and heart chakra area for a blissful rhythmic experience.

Multi-Service Packages
Why not make things simple for clients and introduce some specialty multi-treatment packages? Many may not be aware that certain treatments can be performed at the same time, so spelling it out for prospective clients and making the details visible on your website and menu may go a long way in securing you bookings. Sydney and Melbourne MediSpa Duquessa offers a package called Vitalite, offering clients Omnilux and IV Vitamins in the one session – saving clients up to an hour that they may otherwise spend across multiple visits.

An IV treatment at Duquessa can be combined with Omnilux