How To Ask Clients For Feedback

Knowing what your clients are thinking about your spa or clinic, your staff and your treatments could unlock a vast number of opportunities to improve your business. You may find that your services need bettering, that you’re not keeping up with demand, that you need to invest more time in staff training, or best-case scenario, that you need to keep up the wonderful work!

So how do you get your hands on this goldmine of information? Why, just ask! There are a few ways that you can do this:

Ask in person
The end of every treatment should cue staff to ask “how did you find your treatment?” This is a crucial courtesy and addition to the client experience but, as you know, will not get you very far. If a client had any issue with their treatment or their therapist, they will very rarely ever confront them with it directly. How often do you receive the response “actually I wasn’t happy with it”? You’re more likely to receive honest feedback if the client is asked “so how was your treatment?” by someone that isn’t their therapist – perhaps the receptionist, for example, after their therapist has departed.

Ask via a feedback form
This won’t be suitable in every context – most clients won’t want to stick around after their treatment to fill out more paperwork, unless perhaps in a day spa environment whilst enjoying some post-treatment lounge time. Bring your client some herbal tea, nibbles and an optional feedback form so they can rate their treatment and provide any comments.

Send a survey
Create an online survey and email it to your client database. Read our top tips for creating a survey here.

Create a guest book
Keep a guest book in your waiting area for clients to add to while they wait. Mention it to clients upon arrival, and leave it optional so clients don’t feel pressured. You’re sure to receive some nice comments from your regulars.

Use kind words as testimonials
Be sure to add any kind words to any website testimonials page/s – just ensure you have their permission first! Perhaps add a usage disclaimer to guest books or feedback forms.

Calls to new clients
Place follow-up calls to all new clients after their treatments, ideally 1-2 days later. First impressions can indeed continue to form after they’ve left the building, and most clients really appreciate the kind and personal touch of a follow up call. Again, ensure it is someone other than the treatment therapist to gain the best chance of honesty.

Additional tips to keep in mind:

Have a strict protocol in place for feedback to be taken and passed onto the appropriate manager or owner.

Record everything – a spreadsheet may be best for organising large volumes of client, comments and contact information.

Know how to respond – the person responsible for taking any negative feedback or complaints should be well-versed in how to handle these situations, and what to say in response. Of course this is up to the business manager, but the receiver should be calm and understanding, and the client should be reassured that something will be done about their complaints – regardless of who is at fault. Take relevant contact details and pass onto the appropriate person to handle it.