Time To Shine

Phenom hand RT Vivid-Color-copy

Launching mid-April, Phenom is a major evolution in nail polish technology but oh-so-simple to use. it delivers a chip-resistant, gel-like shine in three easy steps (and becomes harder and shinier when exposed to natural light), all in-line with Jessica’s natural nail care philosophy.

  1. Choose a Jessica treatment basecoat suitable for your client’s nail type
  2. Apply two coats of Vivid Colour
  3. Finish with the specialist Finale Shine top coat – et voila!

Apart from the easy, no-fuss application, the perks of this polish is that there’s no soaking (Phenom removes easily with Jessica Nail Polish Remover), it’s fast-drying, can be used with treatment basecoats and is UV-free.

The benefits for a salon is that Phenom provides a perfect retail line extension, it has a point of difference that creates interest, keeps up with the latest trends and is ideal for clients who are running late and don’t have time to let their polish dry.

The specialist top coat features a chip-resistant, long-lasting technology that means the mirror-shine manicure will last up to 10 days.



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