La Biosthetique harnesses the power of plants in its Dry Hair collection with a time-release cocktail of six natural, active ingredients and one high-tech molecule: the desert rose of Mexico.

Known as the `resurrection plant’, the desert rose has a fantastic water storage capacity and can survive months of extreme dryness without damage.

When the desiccated plant then comes into contact with water, it appears to `wake up’ thanks to physical processes, turns green and blossoms again.

This phenomenon has made it the focus of hair research and Dr Peter Hagel, research manager at La Biosthetique explains that: ‘From a physical viewpoint, hair is exposed to similar conditions as the desert plant due to time spent in air-conditioned rooms, environmental stress and heat styling’.

Desert rose extract makes it more resistant to these inevitable stress factors, thus preventing both their dehydration and further damage to their sensitive cuticle.

The formula of the four synergistic products (shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray and mask) in the Dry Hair range also contains black oat and lecithin, to repair and replenish the hair by supplying all the proteins, lipids and vitamins that are similar to that of healthy hair.

Wheat microproteins an lamellar phospholipids seal and protect dry and damaged hair and help combat breakage.

The formula is completed by argan oil that contains high-quality vitamins and fatty acids to seal the cuticle and make it shiny and soft irrespective of the climate and styling stress. Mango stone oil works more on the surface but equally effectively.


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