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Issue 54, August 2013, sees us unveil our new tagline that you’ll now see on our issue covers and website.

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Of course we’re still here to be of service to destinations (as well as salons, skin clinics, days spas and all the permutations in between), but the rise of medically influenced care (both products and equipment) is undeniable, and we’re acknowledging that in changing our tagline.

In considering all we’ve seen and read in the last 12 months as industry insiders, we’ve concluded that devices and cosmeceuticals are now a requirement for any mainstream spa or salon, meaning medispa is no longer a mutually exclusive category.

We’ve seen medical-grade lasers and injectables integrated into wellness retreats (Chiva-Som Health Resort in Thailand) and hair salons (The New Black industries in Newcastle). We envision IPL permanent hair reduction reaching the ‘everyday’ status of waxing, and electrical current devices that enhance the skin’s absorption as a norm for facials.

Engaging a doctor or registered nurse to perform aesthetic injections is not a given, yet, but effective machinery that augments your high-touch and heartfelt services needs to be on your radar.

Also in relation to profitability, every spa and skincare based salon has to now be well across the medi line. Other than specialist ‘wax n tan’ or ‘lashes n brows’ businesses, every spa or salon needs to be hanging out the medi shingle – the enormous baby boomer market seeking visible ageing reversal is vital to business stability. And these days the younger generation of both women and men are so used to seeing the reverse ageing marketing that they most definitely ‘want what she’s having’ as their own visible youth retention strategy.

The money will be squarely in age management for a few years yet, so if you are not getting your share you are doing your financial future a serious injustice. It’s all about equipment and cosmeceuticals (both organic/natural and not).

There’s a lot more on ‘The Medi Merge’ as we’re dubbing it in the hard copy of Issue 54, so make sure you hold onto your copy when it comes in the mail, or grab another one at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo, stand 2315.

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