Scent Branding: 4 Ways To Get Nosey

Is the sweet smell of success wafting from your business?

Studies show it should be, literally. Research reveals that smell is our most powerful sense. It is directly linked to the brain, and triggers memories and emotions. With 90% of all purchasing decisions made subconsciously, it can also encourage customers to buy. Scent branding is on the rise, big time.

Julie Nelson, owner of Aromatique Essentials
Julie Nelson, owner of Aromatique Essentials

Boasting 20 years in the business, Julie Nelson, (Artisan Botanical Perfumer and Owner Aromatique Essentials), says scent marketing is about taking a company’s brand identity, and matching it with a fragrance. “When used in the right way, fragrance leaves a lingering impression. It is a powerful tool for branding, and cultivates happy, loyal clients.”

But which specific fragrance strikes the right note for your spa, salon or clinic?

With an Aromatique Essentials Scent Branding Consultation you can have a unique perfume created just for your business, using the finest ingredients. Or, design it yourself, by attending the Create Your Own Perfume workshop, held on the 24th of July in Sydney.

Once you’ve forumlated and bottled the very essence of your business, use your signature scent consistently throughout your customer journey. Here are some ideas for making your business scent linger in the psyche of your clients:

1) Diffuse It!


“The power of scent works in an instant. Captivate your clients with your artisian perfume using an electonic diffuser, as soon as they walk in.” Suggests Julie.

2) Face It!


“Your signature scent can be used to create an in-house skincare range for your brand. The fragrance can have a helpful and powerful impact on your mind, moods and emotions.” Says Julie.

3) Embody It!


Massage your message into your clients mind. “We can create a line of body care products with your spa branding, and your signature scent.” Julie says.

4) Sell It!


“Retail your scent as a luxe Eau de Parfum, so clients can take home a piece of your brand experience.” Julie suggests.


To book your session or find out more about scent branding for your business, contact Julie here: