4 Ways To Increase Your Earnings With LED

A quality LED Light Therapy machine is one of the smartest investments you can make for your spa or clinic. This is because the sheer versatility of LED technology means that it can be used in a variety of different ways and integrated into a wide range of skin treatments. Here are our top four ways LED works to boost day-to-day profits for better overall business results.

  1. Stand-alone LED facials
    LED light therapy functions as a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment in its own right. Simply exposing the skin to LED wavelengths can assist with everything from active acne to rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more. By including strategic topicals from your retail range into the service, you can not only maximise the final results, but also develop your own signature LED facial that keeps clients coming back for more.
  2. Upgrade and upsell
    LED machines provide the perfect upselling and upgrading opportunity for virtually any service on your treatment menu. By offering LED as an “add on” service to traditional skincare facials, you can maximise your earnings per client with minimal effort as LED does not require any consumables, is economical to run, and application is hands-free — allowing clinicians to multi-task on other work while LED treatment is underway. LED can also be offered as an add-on service to laser and IPL services as it reduces inflammation and irritation and speeds up the skin’s healing process.
  3. Layered facials with LED
    LED is not only effective at optimising the benefits of topical skincare, it also works brilliantly with other treatment technologies. LED is often used as the final step in a ‘layered facial’ to further activate the skin renewal effect of the preceding technologies, and to bring the skin back into harmony and balance following more aggressive treatments. A layered facial uses two or more technologies within a service. An example of a powerful layered facial would start with hydrodermabrasion, followed by an oxygen facial and microcurrent muscle re-education treatment, and finished off with soothing, restorative LED therapy.
  4. Express LED services
    With hectic schedules and demanding work commitments, many busy professionals and mums and dads simply don’t have time to invest in their skin health. This is why every salon, spa and clinic should offer an Express Treatment menu to appeal to time-poor customers. LED markets well as an express or “lunch break” treatment as setup and application is so easy, and a session can be done and dusted in 30 minutes or less. Offering express LED facials as a treatment package is also a great way to boost your earnings and keep even the busiest of customers coming back through your door.

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