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  1. Is 24/7 connectivity wearing you down, scrambling your brain and actually making work harder? Are social media and e-comms creating dramas instead of boosting your business? Find out why it could be time for a Digital Detox and for your and your team to navigate Netiquette.
  2. The global wellness industry is estimated to be worth $3.4 trillion and growing fast. Make sure you don’t miss out on your share of the profit pie chart with our Mega Wellness Guide. It will show you not only how to capitalise on the wellness therapies and products to better service your clients but on how to nurture your own wellbeing and that of your team and the environment you all work in for the betterment of business.
  3. In ideal world, your business should be making 40-60 percent of its profit from retailing the products you use in-treatment for home use and other irresistible goodies you think your clients would enjoy. But the reality is that retailing accounts for only four to six percent of the bottom line of Australian aesthetics businesses. We talk to brand experts about how to up the ante by Teaching The Team To Retail.
  4. Pigmentation continues to be one of the leading skin concerns of Australian aesthetics consumers. Discover the latest and greatest technology and peel procedures to Out Damned Spots.
  5. As the worlds of cosmetic medicine, aesthetics and wellness merge ever closer, your business can’t afford to be an island. Its time to look at more comprehensive offerings (or to build a strategic referral network) for better, more holistic client outcomes. SPA+CLINIC looks at successful clinics who have made the leap.
  6. Unless you have a lot more money than sense, don’t leap into device technology until you have done due diligence on the demographic of your market and their key needs and concerns, about who reputable device suppliers are, the training and qualifications you and/or your team need to operate it .. the list goes on. Neither the most expensive or the cheapest are necessarily good choices. Discover how to Invest Wisely in Technology.
  7. With the lightening speed momentum of advances in aesthetics and the sophistication of results-oriented treatments and technology now expected by clients, training and education has never been more vital for you to stay ahead of the game – indeed, to stay in the game! SPA+CLINIC talks to the education leaders in dermal aesthetics about what the options are for your existing staff and how to ensure your a recruiting new staff who are work ready.

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