INSKIN Cosmedics Launches Dermapen 4

INSKIN Cosmedics have announced the launch of their newest Micro Needling device, the Dermapen 4, making it the latest addition to the range since the arrival of its predecessor, the Dermapen 3, in 2014. The updated model boasts an extensive list of features plus some never-before-seen functions, so you won’t be short on reasons to upgrade. To keep things simple though, here are our top 5 features to love about the Dermapen 4:

Scar Treatment Setting
An exclusive new setting to treat facial and body scarring, contouring difficult areas effortlessly. Dermapen 4 is the only microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of deep, atrophic scars,  including surgical, burn contracture, striae and post-acne scars. Needle penetration can now be increased up to 3.0mm, and be adjusted in 0.1mm increments allowing for treatment on the scalp, eyelids and intimate body areas.

16 Needle Cartridge Design
Patent-pending design creates more rejuvenating channels and increased results, and glides over the skin without drag for optimum client comfort. To be precise, 1920 holes are created per second – over 47% more than the Dermapen 3, and around 104% more than the average counterfeit device. Faster oscillation (up to 120 revolutions per second) also means more comfortable treatments for clients.

Dual Power
Use the device either on mains power or their Advanced Lithium Turbo-Cut battery system, making it super portable and functional in any space. The Dermapen 4 can perform on battery power for at least 1.5 hours without lag or reduced functionality before mains power is required, and over 8 hours of standby.

ACM™ – AntiContamination Management
Another patent-pending design feature that allows no fluid backflow and no cross-contamination, the medical grade Anti Contamination Mechanism ensures a cleaner and safer device for your clients.  Designed so that even under challenging conditions, nothing will penetrate its protective barrier.

Bluetooth Enabled
A world first, there is nothing else like this on the market. It means you’ll never have an outdated device as software updates are always made available to you. The integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows for simple connection via Android or Smartphone (iPhone) App that continuously updates Dermapen 4’s calibration tables, guaranteeing needle depth veracity and firmware advances, plus Connecting users directly to support initiatives including DermapenWorld Prozone, training programmes and the device’s 7 year warranty.