Think Your Way To Success


You might be the best in your field and have all the attributes for success, but your own mind could be getting in the way of achieving your goals. Here business coach and wellbeing guru Alison Morgan (above)* shares her six top tips for creating success via a positive mindset:

1. Reflect on your past – good and bad.

What influences did your parents have? What are the trials and challenges you had to overcome to get where you are now? Look for the positive in the negative to help unleash the true you.

2. Everything happens for a reason

Both good and bad. Very often, it’s the negative experiences that become a pivotal moment in life. Understand that everything happens for a reason. It’s how you reflect and react that will determine your success in your lifestyle and career.

3. Unearth your passion

Sounds simple, but many people don’t spend enough time unearthing their passion. Discovering what truly makes you excited and motivated is life changing.

Through the culmination of your skills, passion, personality and life experiences, this is where you begin in finding your passion.

4. Create clear goals

Creating goals and a vision for your life and business gives you clear direction and helps eliminate uncertainty. Being focused on these goals will lead you to achieve your dreams.

5. Address your fears rather than shying away

Let your fears be there, then consciously move through them. This will give you courage and heighten your positive mindset.

6. Be professional

In other words, proceed with confidence – even if you don’t feel confident to start with. Whether it’s your life or business, through acting confidently in your well thought out decisionss creates the perception things are going well. What follows is a positive mindset. This then begins to result in positive change and success.

Through positive thinking and well thought-out path for now and the future, we move towards a more fulfilling and happier lifestyle and career.

* Alison Morgan is director of Relauncher, a source for health and wellbeing solutions. She is an expert business coach, creator of the Australian Health and Wellness Networking Events and industry blogger. She spent 15 years in marketing working for blue chip companies in Australia and London. Four years ago Alison took the leap and startedher own business, Relauncher – ‘the best decision I ever made’.Alison will be a keynote speaker at the Australasian Spa Association (ASpa) conference in Melbourne, October 26-29.

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