Feel that something is ‘not quite right’ with your physical work space and affecting your business? It’s not your imagination but the power of vibrational energy. Rachael White explains how to clear the negative and empower the positive.

People and places all have a ‘feel’. That ‘feeling’ is energy. Just as there are people who ‘don’t have a good feel’ about them or ‘have a great vibe’, so do spaces in which we live and work.

We are human manufacturers of energy. With our thoughts, words and actions we can raise or lower the vibration of a space.

The way that energy works is that ‘like attracts like’; so if a space is filled with negative energy, fear, doubt, anger, worry, grief, despair and anxiety, it will attract the same energy.

The essence of space clearing is to clear low vibrational energy to restore and create a high vibrational space. This creates a foundation from which to draw toward it like-minded vibrations; positive people, experiences and opportunities.

How does it work? Oils, oils, oils! But oils ain’t oils! Essential oils hold the highest vibration of anything in nature.

A scientist by the name of Bruce Tainio developed technology that can measure in megahertz the vibration of these precious substances. When you diffuse them in your space, you quite literally raise the energy of the space and clear the low vibrations and the negativity they attract.

So if your salon, spa, clinic or wellness centre is coming from a high vibrational space then of course people want to come in and be with you.

People used to come into my clinic and ask me if they could just sit in the room a bit longer because the energy of my consultation room felt so good!

Most of us get a feel for a space and tune into the energy, not only of the space itself but of the people who inhabit or visit it.

Woman opening a beauty storeEssential oils diffused in a space interact with the energy of the practitioners via the olfactory [sense of smell] system; that is, through the nose and into the bloodstream and into every cell in the body. When you apply them to the body directly, within 20 minutes … bang! Nothing else in nature can do this.

Clinics I have consulted with report that when they diffuse the oils, things feel better and more clients come through the door. The day flows.

One client was having a run of bad luck with her business and feedback was that the space ‘didn’t feel comfortable’. She sensed the energy wasn’t good when she took over the business but thought that with her new ownership, dedicated focus and fresh design that this would change.

However, over time, the energy continued to feel heavy and the spa kept attracting a string of challenging practitioners and repelling clients. Plus, as we know, salon, spa and clinic practitioners can take on the energy of their clients.

I discussed the oils to use, according to her intentions for the business. She then taught all her practitioners the method I showed her of shielding and clearing using oils and mist.

Over time, the spa became super-busy; lots more clients and positive, hard-working practitioners came on board. Indeed, she was so busy that, last time I heard, she was thinking of opening up another space.

Clear Energy STORY 2We too often underestimate the impact energy can have on our wellbeing.

Have you, say, met a friend for coffee and the entire time they whinged and complained about their life? Then said: “Oh thanks so much for listening! I feel so much better”!? You walk away feeling like crap.

Your friend, perhaps unwittingly, has just dumped all his/her negative energy on you.

It can make us very unwell and completely change the way we feel about a person, ourselves and the space in which we live and work.

Many people venture into businesses such as spas, wellness centres and yoga studios and leave behind a whole lot of negativity that can poison what you do going forward.

Rachael WhiteWe have to clean and clear this energy just like you would wash the floor. You wouldn’t have a spa with a dirty floor so it’s just as important not to have negative/low vibe energy!

Rachael White is an angel intuitive (AI), clairvoyant and healer who founded the Archangel Aromatherapy range of essential oil products and treatment protocols.

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