Light The Way

After months of research, France Medical has signed a partnership with the Italian company Tuenda to distribute their innovative LED equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

The LED technology as we know it has been around for over 50 years. Even though it has proven its efficiency on cell stimulation and skin lesions, it has not been improved much since its creation.

Thanks to its partnership with the renowned Bologna University, Tuenda has worked closely with their R&D department to improve the LED efficiency and develop a device, called KEEP, that would go beyond traditional LED treatments.

With a total of 480 LEDs carefully chosen, KEEP presents a unique light patented module using three different wavelengths in one single machine: red, blue and infrared.

In addition to its powerful lights, KEEP comes with a tablet and integrated software to choose the treatment best adapted to the needs of the patient: for acne, sensitive skin, impure skin, anti-ageing, couperose, after-lifting scars, psoriasis and pigmentation.

The treatment takes only 20 minutes and the therapist can follow the progress of the session from another room thanks to the connected tablet.

Each protocol also includes the use of dedicated cosmetics to enhance the results.

Just like the lights, the cosmetics were developed with the support of the Bologna University R&D department.

The range is based on the exclusive Fibroblast Growth Factors to stimulate cell proliferation and differentiation. All the skincare is comprised of 80 percent natural ingredients.