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It doesn’t seem that long ago that we, in the salon, spa and clinic space, used to view the aesthetics medical establishment from the perspective of the poor relation. Not anymore.

As publisher Kirien Withers tells us in the latest issue of SPA+CLINIC magazine – which you as a subscriber will receive any time from now – we have paramedical and dermal clinician training. We are working respectfully closer with doctors and nurses to achieve great outcomes from clients seeking results-based rejuvenation and corrective treatments, and overall enhancement. We also have ready access in our own right to ever-more sophisticated device and skincare technology.

With this evolution comes ever-greater responsibility to keep informed and up to date with what is happening in the aesthetics industry – for the purposes of client satisfaction and safety, and for our own business buoyancy.

At the same time as we charge into the future of scientific aesthetics, there is now a discernible hankering by consumers for more traditional spa and wellness-based therapies and products.

The dilemma for all of us that this is largely not an ‘either/or’ scenario. Discerning consumers – the people your business needs to convert to loyal clients who will in turn refer others – want, and indeed expect BOTH.

For an aesthetics business to have true growth potential in 2015 and beyond, the cutting edge and traditional can no longer exist on separate planets.

That said, you can’t be all things to all people – and nor would that be wise from a business or personal perspective. What it does mean it is that it’s important to build a synergistic network of professionals in various modalities that you can refer clients to so that all their needs are met.

If you can’t provide a specific service they are seeking, but are informed and connected as to where else they might find it, you will become a trusted and authorative source. Therefore, clients will most likely keep coming back to you for the services you specialise in and refer others. The professionals you refer them to are also apt to send their clients to you.

We have to stick together in this increasingly competitive marketplace, where the goal posts – from the products and services we offer to what consumers are seeking – change with lightning speed.

This is why you need SPA+CLINIC to get ahead and stay ahead. If you’re not already a subscriber to our magazine, we urge you to do so right here and now:

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