Our Top 5 Spa Spotify Playlists

We know it can be very time consuming to source new music and playlists, so we’ve cut out the middle-man for you.

Thanksgiving Gift For Turkey Necks

For those not keen on the idea of surgery, rejuvenating ageing necks is best achieved with a multi-faceted approach, involving skin tightenting energy therapy, dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections

What Women Want Now

It could be time to do some homework on what aesthetics consumers are most seeking

Needle Know-How

Skin needling and facial acupuncture may share common goals of improved and lifted appearance, but the methodologies differ, as do the regulations about who can offer the services. Jenni Gilbert investigates. Some of your clients will have heard about the results their friends and celebrities have had from facial needling and have decided to look […]


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