30 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Spa Experience

It’s very rare for any business owner to think their creation is perfect. There is always room for improvement, and even for the most beautiful spas and clinics, you’re probably always on the lookout for small ways you can improve the overall experience for your clients.

And currently as it stands, this is what the industry is all about – an experience. Your business needs to tell a story, build a connection, create wow moments in every tiny detail. A stunning aesthetic may go a long way in attracting clients from the outset, but it won’t be what is responsible for building that long-term relationship. This comes from those small moments that make clients feel something special.

These don’t have to be grand gestures or big changes in your business either. Here are our top 30 quick tips for improving the overall client experience, that will knock visitors’ socks off from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.

  1. Infuse your water with fresh lemon, lime, mint or cucumber
  2. Offer seasonal teas on entry
  3. Or better yet offer a selection of herbal teas for various needs – digestion, respiration, immunity, etc.
  4. Provide a small nibble, such as a bliss ball, alongside your tea
  5. Provide some fresh fruit in the waiting room
  6. Ensure waiting room magazines are up to date – dispose anything over 2+ months old
  7. Have a fresh beverage waiting for clients after their treatment
  8. Swap out clients’ shoes for some fluffy slippers at the door
  9. Ask your clients how they are feeling, and let them know you will customise their treatment in accordance (where possible) with essential oils, crystals, etc.
  10. Find out their favourite fragrance type and use it in their treatment or room
  11. Leave a beautiful, safe jewellery box for clients to place jewellery in during treatment
  12. Dress your treatment beds with heated blankets
  13. Ask clients how they feel about the room temperature
  14. Spray your linen with beautifully fragranced linen spray
  15. Provide some luxury hand wash and cream in the bathrooms
  16. Give detailed instructions on where clients should place their things and how to position themselves on the bed. Confusion on these can leave some clients very uncomfortable
  17. Leave out some freshen-up products for clients to use after treatment, ie. hairbrush, dry shampoo, mineral powder, mints etc.
  18. Have a coat stand and/or hangers at the ready and take your clients’ coats when they arrive
  19. Have an umbrella stand at the door on rainy days
  20. Do a quick breathing exercise, perhaps with an invigorating essential oil, after each spa treatment
  21. Send a follow-up/thank you note to all new clients the day after their treatment
  22. Send out individual birthday client greetings
  23. Incorporate beautifully-fragranced products into your treatments
  24. Burn a wooden-wicked, crackling candle for an extra sensory element
  25. Finish your facial treatments with a rich lip treatment or balm
  26. Use fresh flowers or foliage at reception – perhaps some divinely-scented lilies
  27. Pop your massage/oil treatments into the hot towel cabby before using
  28. Provide new client ‘goodie pack’ – these can be as simple as a small bag with brochure, business card, loyalty card, any aftercare advice and chocolate/nibble
  29. For treatments requiring in-depth aftercare, offer to email or text the client instructions, so they won’t forget
  30. Update your spa tunes every few weeks – your regulars will start to recognise old, repetitive playlists

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