Sweden To Open Floating Arctic Spa

You may have seen exquisite looking spas and experienced luxurious treatments, but have you ever sat in an open-air bath in the middle of an arctic lake that’s completely frozen over, all while watching the Aurora Borelias (Northern Lights)?

If you haven’t, you might want to add it to your bucket list for later this year when the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa will open its wooden doors in Northern Sweden.

Located on the Lule River in the Laplands of Northern Sweden in the village of Harads, the first-of-its-kind hotel and spa will float in the warmer summer months, and be frozen in place during the cold winter months. Visitors will access the building via a wooden walkway connected to the mainland, and will be able to enjoy saunas and cold baths, as well as other spa treatments.

The special hotel will only accomodate 12 guests at one time making it a rather intimate destination. With only six hotel rooms measuring 25 square meters, there won’t be any risk of overcrowding.

The Arctic Bath Hotel is supported by adventure tour company Off The Map Travel, who describe the incredible design of the spa hotel as “inspired by the timber floating era, where trees felled in local forests were transported down the river to be processed.”

“The designs created are not only locally relevant and striking, but are also developed with the highest environmental standards in mind, using local materials and with a minimal, to no, impact on the environment.”

The spa is currently under construction – a project that doesn’t come without its challenges as it’s not easy to build on moving water – and is said to open in late 2018.

It’s certainly a spa experience guests will never forget.


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