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We asked Rebecca Morrice Williams, creative director and founder of Becca Cosmetics, for her insight into what makes a makeup line appropriate for discerning spa clientele.

Rebecca Morrice WIlliams created the Becca range in her quest for natural, weightless, concealing foundation.

Do you see ‘spa makeup’ as a distinct category of cosmetics?
Makeup within the spa environment should really be an extension of your skincare. Anything that is going to block pores and have negative effects on the skin will defeat the purpose of the beautiful facial you just gave. A good makeup choice will continue assisting the skin to repair and protect. Spas and salons need to help women look fresher, younger and healthier rather than just being decorated with makeup. Products that include SPF or anti-ageing ingredients will compliment the philosophies of the spa.

What are some of the other success factors for a spa makeup range?
Owners and managers need to make sound business decisions about makeup offerings to suit their salon size and budget as well as consumer demand (be it a simple touch up after treatment or complete bridal makeup services). For instance, with that in mind, at Becca we’ve tailored three different packages to cater to those variations. Makeup sales also need to present a worthwhile profit margin (ideally a 100 per cent markup). Displays should always come with complimentary testers. Most importantly, the supplier needs to provice extensive product training and ongoing support so spa and salon staff can provide the customer with the best service on skin-perfecting products and techniques.

Do you advocate the use of mineral makeup?
Some clients love the ease of the mineral powder foundations. And those with sensitive or acne-prone skins definitely prefer all-natural ingredients. Other clients favour the layerable coverage provided by traditional makeup. I recommend providing both options so that you can offer a comprehensive service and not leave out any skin type or coverage requirement. We include both options in all our packages for spas and salons because it suits many clients to use products from both ranges in conjunction with each other.

What kinds of retail presentation works best?
An appropriate makeup display will match the quality and luxury of spa and salon furnishings. The tester displays should invite clients to play and feel on their own while waiting for other services. Beautiful marketing collateral and point of sale cards can be provided to each customer after any service to offer product information to read at home.

SPA_Vol48_102-1Do you have any other tips for spa owners to consider when choosing a range?
I do believe that brand recognition can help to build trust with your clients—then those clients know that if they fall in love with the products they’ll be able to get them again. But being in a spa they will also understand that these are top-quality, skin-enhancing products. The integral aspect of a spa makeup range should be that it makes the pleasure of a radiant complexion accessible for all women—irrespective of age, skintone
or ethnicity.

Rebecca Morrice Williams started her career as a make-up artist in Perth. In 2001, from the simple desire to find ‘the perfect foundation’, she founded cosmetic brand Becca—now stocked around the

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