The Pure Mineral Makeup Designed For Gym-Goers

The booming demand for pure and natural skincare has prompted consumers to become more highly educated than ever about what they’re putting onto their skin. This need for products and treatments with ‘no nasties’ has inevitably begun to extend to the makeup industry, as clients seek cosmetics free of harsh synthetics and that won’t ruin all of their good work towards flawless skin.

The call for pure makeup and cosmetics has also inevitably escalated in response to the growth in non-invasive procedures, laser rejuvenation and skin resurfacing, chemical peels and injectables. Clients are on the hunt for quick procedures, little downtime, and often, the ability to go back to work or onto their next social commitment immediately following treatment.

This is the difficult nature of the current beauty and aesthetics landscape – clients want it all. They want their services quick, their results instant and visible, their products to multitask and their makeup to last, all in conjunction with their on-the-go lifestyles. This is where Nova Jane, founder and CEO of Fitcover, stepped in to fill what she perceived to be a gap in the cosmetics market.

The South Australian makeup brand is said to be the first pure mineral makeup that is completely sweat-proof and designed specifically for gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts and busy lifestyles. A fitness enthusiast battling through her own skin journey in the form of cystic acne, Nova wanted to create a solution that was not only a treat for the skin, but would survive intense workout sessions, also meeting the needs of clients looking for pure mineral makeup that accommodated the active lifestyle (which is nowadays, most women!).

“My love of exercise came with an unwanted side effect… bad skin! It didn’t occur to me that I was making the situation about a zillion times worse by wearing makeup at the gym. I was so self-conscious about trying to cover my bad skin but the makeup was just clogging and caking up my pores.  And I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop working out!”

S+C had a quick chat with Nova about her inspiration, her foray into an undeniably saturated market, and why her brand is perfect for spas and skin clinics.

What prompted the creation of Fitcover?
My own need for this exact product. I suffered from acne prone skin and I also lived a very active, fit lifestyle. I needed to feel just as confident with my skin as I did with my body. I wanted to cover my imperfections without irritating them. There was nothing on the market that gave me this!

What did you learn during your venture into the cosmetics market?
I had to be confident in what I wanted to achieve out of this product. I had a lot of people try to tell me how hard breaking through the make-up industry will be, but this just made me more determined.

How do you feel Fitcover differs from other pure mineral makeup brands?
All of our products are made for the active women’s lifestyle. We created this brand to benefit fit women. Our mineral powder is extra refined, has no nasties, and contains ingredients that actually work to nourish and heal your skin as you wear it. On top of that, it’s made to last all day long and through extensive sweat sessions!

Who is your ideal client?
Any woman with an active lifestyle. From surfers to yogis, we got you!

Why is Fitcover a great option for spas and skin clinics to stock?
Fitcover is a skin treatment disguised as a make-up. You don’t need to sweat in it to benefit from the goodness!

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