Winning Recipe For Youthful Skin

Client demand for cosmeceutical skincare to achieve and maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin is insatiable. But without personalised, professional advice, things can go terribly wrong

Embrace The New: Make More Profit in 2018

In what is an ever-more ruthlessly competitive industry, what are key factors that will keep your biz up with – but ideally ahead of – the game? Food for thought as we head towards 2018, by Spa Guru Kirien Withers*. In my observation over 27 years of watching spas and salons come and go, or […]

It Ain’t Over When It’s Over

Managing post-employment restraints is essential to the future of your business, especially when a former staffer has left on bad terms

Beware The Blue Light!

It’s not just the postures and expressions we adopt when using our e-devices – eg. “Tech Neck” and “Phone Face” – that are accelerating the symptoms of ageing

How I Zapped Sugar Cravings For Good

Nutritionist Jessica Sepel spent years torturing herself about her body. She tells how she overcame her demons – and how she can help you

Managing Bullying and Harassment

Workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment are emerging and ongoing issues for salons, spas and clinic across the hair and beauty industry. How to protect yourself and your team


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