Winning Recipe For Youthful Skin

Client demand for cosmeceutical skincare to achieve and maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin is insatiable. But without personalised, professional advice, things can go terribly wrong

Embrace The New: Make More Profit in 2018

In what is an ever-more ruthlessly competitive industry, what are key factors that will keep your biz up with – but ideally ahead of – the game? Food for thought as we head towards 2018, by Spa Guru Kirien Withers*. In my observation over 27 years of watching spas and salons come and go, or […]

It Ain’t Over When It’s Over

Managing post-employment restraints is essential to the future of your business, especially when a former staffer has left on bad terms

Beware The Blue Light!

It’s not just the postures and expressions we adopt when using our e-devices – eg. “Tech Neck” and “Phone Face” – that are accelerating the symptoms of ageing


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