Sexual Wellness Is A Booming Sector – How Your Spa Or Clinic Can Get On Board

Australian brand Below Body launches to sell out success.

The booming category of sexual wellness products for women is a market anticipated to worth a staggering $189 billion by 2026, and in light of this, a new brand has emerged in the rapidly growing sexual wellness category in Australia.

Below Body is created with the belief that women’s sexual wellness is a pillar of their health and wellbeing. Founders Dan and Nanna want to destigmatise female pleasure and create conversations about how to increase pleasure in their lives. 

With the goal of becoming the ‘Aesop’ of sexual wellness, in the first few months founders Nanna Steffen and Daniel Kulikowski have launched to sell out success of two of their four products in the first months of launching the Below Body collection. 

Every product is made for women for use solo and with their partners, and all formulations are made in northern NSW with high quality natural botanical ingredients and formulated with care by the Founders.

Founded on the mantra “Love Yourself Better”, Below Body aims to empower women to embrace a new paradigm of self-love, positioning pleasurable self-care as an essential component of women’s wellbeing with four products in its launch offering – Vibrate, Stimulate, Nurture and Melt – with Vibrate selling out within the first 6 weeks of launch.

How can clinics get onboard with promoting positive sexual health?

Think of it this way, when clinics integrate sexual wellness into the broader conversation about overall health, they’re essentially connecting the dots between emotional, physical, and sexual well-being. I feel it’s about shifting the perspective to see sexual health not just as an aspect of medical care but as a vital component of personal happiness, their self-care and self-awareness.

Clinics can really lead the way by educating and empowering their clients to explore and understand their bodies’ needs, which is a fundamental step towards holistic health. It’s akin to helping someone find the right keys to unlock aspects of their well-being they might not even have thought to question.

What important points should there be to consider for those introducing sexual wellness into their practice?

This is a really good question, introducing sexual wellness into a clinic’s repertoire is really about broadening our horizons on what it means to offer comprehensive health care. It’s crucial that every member of the team is not just informed about the vast scope of sexual wellness—from hormonal health to emotional well-being, but also trained on how to approach these conversations with genuine empathy and a personalised touch.

It’s like being able to discuss everything from the science of skincare to the emotions behind a lifestyle change, but with the added nuance of understanding individual comfort levels and cultural sensitivities.

I would love to see practices look to create environments that are as open and non-judgmental as our chat here, where talking about sexual health is as normal and important as discussing diet and exercise. Personally for myself this kind of holistic approach would strengthen my trust and rapport with any clinician I’d engage with.

What questions or elements in a client interaction could clinics incorporate to introduce these concepts into the conversation?

Starting the conversation can be as simple as asking, “How do you feel your current health routine supports your overall quality of life?” This could open up a conversation to discuss less frequently broached topics, including sexual wellness, in a non-threatening way. Lastly, it’s all about creating a dialogue that acknowledges the interconnectedness of our health and our happiness, really underscoring that they are here to support the whole person. It’s about giving individuals permission to explore and express what brings them pleasure and how it contributes to their overall happiness.

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