Float Baby is a baby spa concept developed by certified infant massage instructor Kristi Ison. Babies between two weeks and eight months are put in waterproof nappies and a floatation ring and (supervised of course) allowed free rein to enjoy the sensation and freedom of movement in the near weightless environment of purified water (20 – 25 minutes).


ABOVE: Aww factor off the scale: a baby spa bath.

Afterward, parents receive with a warm towel to dry bub and begin to prepare for the infant massage instruction. Certified infant massage instructor will leads mums and dads through some basic strokes, teaching techniques to help relax and soothe (20 – 25 minutes) using a custom blend of organic, cold pressed oils with Vitamin E.

Kristi opened the spa in her home in October 2013 but it was so popular that by February this year she had opened commercial premises and now has 300 clients. She cites the following benefits:

  • Muscular and skeletal strength are increased
  • Subtle water pressure on chest increases lung capacity, strengthening respiratory system
  • Regular sessions benefit the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow to the heart
  • Cognitive development is increased with critical cross crawl patterns




ABOVE: Infant massage instructor and founder of Float Baby, Kristi Ison.

An hour-long experience at the spa costs around AU$70. Kristi is now looking to franchise, so it may not be long to Aussie babies get the chance to try it.


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