Demand For Sexual Wellness Treatments Is Growing

Senior surgical nurse Nuri Evrita guides us through the process and benefits of the sought-after O-Shot and other sexual wellness treatments.

From hair restoration to under-eye rejuvenation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments have become a viral TikTok sensation and are a long-time favourite for celeb beauty icons including Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. So naturally, many patients are seeking to reap the full benefits of different types of PRP.

This, combined with the focus on sexual wellness, has resulted in increased demand for the PRP-Shot or O-shot, a non-invasive and relatively painless solution for a range of age-related symptoms including libido, lubrication and general tightness.

Nuri Evrita

We spoke to Nuri Evrita, a senior cosmetic and surgical nurse at Perth-based Medisculpt Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, to find out more about the O-Shot, its benefits and the perfect treatment packages for clients looking for quick and easy vaginal rejuvenation.

Can you walk us through the PRP-Shot process for sexual health?

NE: The PRP-shot, also known as the O-shot, is a non-surgical way to increase sexual health for everyone. It not only increases the ability and the intensity of the orgasm but can also benefit from the overall vaginal rejuvenation. The O-shot is short for Orgasm-shot — it is an amazing and simple treatment to say the least.

Although it is quite painless, the first step is to apply a strong topical anaesthetic to the area for the patient’s comfort. The second step is to take blood from the arm and place it in the centrifuge — this process separates the growth factors from the red blood cells with centrifugal force. The final step is to gently inject tiny punctures of your own growth factors into the clitoris, using the finest needle on the market for complete comfort. The whole process takes around 30–40 minutes.

What are the treatment benefits?

NE: Growth factors in our blood cells are the powerhouse of healing and rejuvenation for many medical and cosmetic concerns. The growth factors will begin to grow new healthy cells in the treatment area, and similar processes are used for several concerns from sun damage repair to medical sport injury repair. Honestly, the benefits of PRP are endless!

When it comes to the O-shot (injecting into the clitoris) the main benefits are the improvement in sexual desire and libido. There will also be an improvement in the intensity of an orgasm, heightened arousal, and an increase in lubrication. Other benefits of vaginal PRP include a decrease in urinary incontinence and a tighter vaginal canal.

Is there also an O-Shot for men?

NE: Yes, this treatment is generally called the P-Shot (Priapus shot) to increase libido and sexual performance. The growth factors are then injected into the penis, directly into the area that is most critical in sexual response. Personally, I do not perform this treatment, as most male patients would prefer a male physician to carry out the procedure!

Who do you recommend this treatment to?

NE: Anyone who is seeking a non-surgical option for sexual health improvement (with an essential consultation prior to any treatment, of course). Patients who are experiencing any medical issues with their vaginal health will need to see a specialist to resolve the issue prior to any treatment.

Have you noticed an increase in demand for the O-Shot?

NE: I have found it is increasingly popular! Sadly, women’s health in this area is not talked about as much or as openly as I would like it to be. That being said, most of my female patients love to chat to me about any vaginal issues, presumably because it is a safe and comfortable clinical environment rather than their friend or family.

I think it is fantastic that women are taking care of their sexual health, why should we attend to other areas and neglect an area that is quite important?!

Are there any complementary treatments or exercises you recommend for PRP treatments?

NE: The main treatment that complements the O-shot is the MonaLisa Touch in-clinic treatment. This is a non-surgical treatment to address vaginal atrophy, and internal and external issues. It is a 5-minute treatment with minimal to no downtime which addresses the vaginal mucosa, promoting the proliferation of the cells and restoration of the vaginal wall strength and blood supply. It’s a long-lasting treatment that targets the issue rather than just symptoms. I find a combination of MonaLisa Touch and O-shot delivers the best result and the satisfaction rate is high.

It is also beneficial for patients to see a women’s health physiotherapist to assist with improving muscle tone and movement. These specialised physios not only complete an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy but also undertake post-graduate training in this specialised area. They will assess the pelvic floor, bladder, and bowel issues. The assessment tools they use include an ultrasound and a comprehensive exercise program tailored to the patient.

What has the feedback for the PRP O-Shot been like?

NE: The O-shot has been quite positive for the majority of patients. The small percentage of female patients who are not satisfied generally have other serious gynaecological issues which need to be addressed by a specialist.

Some patients have said the treatment is “life-changing” and the ability to increase sexual connection with their partner is phenomenal. Others have also mentioned that once they break the fear of an awkward conversation, most of their friends have had or are considering vaginal rejuvenation. We should all make it the norm to talk about this area and the treatments that are available.


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