Women’s Health Specialist Opens New Clinic In Adelaide

Women’s health specialist Dr Aman Bhinder is officially launching her own clinic, offering a comprehensive approach to health and beauty.

Dr Bhinder, a leading women’s wellness doctor, fellow of the Australian College of General Practitioners and an active member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine opened Clinic Auriq in Royston Park on Saturday 3rd February.

Dr Bhinder, a key luminary for Inmode, will focus on three core medicine practices; aesthetic medicine, integrative medicine and general practice.

In addition to aesthetic treatments, Dr Bhinder is an authority in holistic women’s wellness especially conditions linked to perimenopause and menopause including intimate health struggles and incontinence.

“These issues are still considered so taboo,” Dr Bhinder said.

“Many of the women I treat have struggled for years, either with incontinence or sexual dysfunction not to mention the mental health challenges that come with that and the strain it can put on relationships,” Dr Bhinder said.

“They are shocked at how much their life improves after undergoing treatment,” she added.

Dr Bhinder (pictured) is one of only a handful of doctors in Australia licensed to provide the O-shot.

“I look forward to working with patients to help them achieve their health and aesthetic goals and to encourage women to take control of their menopause struggles and sexual wellbeing”.

What is one of the main core values that led you to open your own practice?

At the heart of my practice is the belief that women’s health concerns deserve genuine attention and understanding. I strive to go beyond conventional medical practices, combining general medicine, integrative approaches, and aesthetic medicine to offer comprehensive care.

Dr Bhinder: “Two in five women suffer with intimacy issues as a result of menopause but only one in 10 will talk to a GP about it. Sadly, the rest just think it’s something they have to live with as they get older.”

By actively listening to women’s voices, addressing overlooked questions, and promoting awareness, I aim to empower individuals to achieve not only physical health but also a sense of inner well-being and beauty.

How will the integrative medicine element of the practice tie in with aesthetic medicine? 

Integrative medicine within the practice complements aesthetic medicine by focusing on holistic wellbeing. Integrating lifestyle factors, nutrition, and mind-body balance enhances overall health, providing a foundation for aesthetic treatments.

Addressing underlying health issues through integrative approaches can contribute to better aesthetic outcomes, promoting natural and sustainable beauty from the inside out. For example, an anti-inflammatory diet, rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, can help alleviate symptoms of conditions like acne or eczema by reducing inflammation.

These supplements and dietary approaches contribute to a holistic strategy, supporting not only aesthetic goals but also addressing skin conditions from a nutritional standpoint.

What do you think is frequently not addressed with female patients in consultations – especially related to aesthetic concerns? 

A common oversight in consultations with female patients, particularly regarding aesthetic concerns, involves insufficient attention to hormonal influences. Hormones, whether during pregnancy, hormonal contraceptive use, menopause, or thyroid imbalances, significantly impact skin health. Melasma, increased oil production, and changes in skin texture are often manifestations of these hormonal shifts.

Integrative medicine, by addressing gut health, provides a holistic approach to regulate hormones, potentially leading to improved skin outcomes. Recognising the interplay between hormonal balance, gut health, and skincare allows for tailored advice and more comprehensive care, ensuring better overall results for female patients.

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