The Global Wellness Summit Unveils The Top Wellness Trends For 2024

The longest-running, most in-depth forecast of the big trends that will shape wellness in the year ahead.

In its annual “Future of Wellness” report, the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) has provided a comprehensive overview of the key trends that will influence the wellness landscape in the coming year.

The 120-page report delves into the significant shifts occurring in the wellness market, highlighting the emergence of two distinct markets and mindsets: “hardcare” and “softcare.”

As the generational, income, and gender gaps continue to widen, the report predicts a future where these polarities in the wellness market will become more pronounced.

1. Climate-Adaptive Wellness

As the planet faces increasing challenges from rising temperatures, a new trend known as “climate-adaptive wellness” is set to emerge. This trend encompasses a wave of innovations designed to cool bodies, homes, and cities.

From advanced cooling technologies to sustainable practices, this trend reflects a growing awareness of the impact of climate change on overall well-being.

2. The Power of the Pilgrimage

Pilgrimages, the most ancient form of travel, are experiencing a resurgence with a record number of new and revitalised pilgrimage trails worldwide.

This trend signifies a shift towards slow, spiritual travel, attracting new generations seeking meaningful and transformative experiences.

Resorts are now incorporating pilgrimages into wellness programs, offering transformative experiences between sacred sites, religious services, and cultural ceremonies.

3. From Manning Up to Opening Up

A cultural shift is underway as social and emotional wellness offerings for men gain traction.

From dedicated retreats to apps, there is a rise in initiatives encouraging men to connect with themselves and each other, challenging traditional notions of masculinity. The trend anticipates a more nuanced, globally distributed approach to social and emotional wellness for men, challenging traditional views of masculinity.

4. The Rise of Postpartum Wellness

Addressing the often-neglected period after childbirth, the report highlights a new era of comprehensive postpartum care. Various approaches are emerging to support new parents in navigating the physical and mental challenges that arise during this crucial time.

The future envisions a dramatic change in the post-birth experience, aiming to make integrated medical and wellness support accessible to all new parents.

5. Longevity Has Longevity

Longevity has become a cornerstone of the health and wellness industry, with longevity clinics emerging as the fastest-growing business genre.

No longer a mere trend, longevity has become a foundational industry pillar, influencing everything from personalised plans based on genetic and biomarker testing to advancements in senolytics and telomere regeneration. The trend explores the growth of longevity clinics and their transformation into high-end wellness destinations.

6. A Wellness Check for Weight Loss Drugs

The report notes a shift in weight loss approaches, with the wellness world integrating more holistic and whole-health methods. Traditional weight loss businesses are adapting to new trends, providing wellness companion programs for individuals using pharmaceutical weight loss options.

With the emergence of sports-meets-wellness travel, destinations are encouraging active participation rather than mere spectating.

Global Wellness Summit Chair and CEO Susie Ellis in conversation with Olympian Simone Biles at the 
2023 GWS. (Image credit: Global Wellness Summit/Tom Dean)

7. Sports Finds Its Footing in Hospitality

Breaking away from solo gym sessions, more people are embracing social and empowering sports activities.

This trend also extends to elite athletes, who seek hospitality destinations that support their well-being and training needs, indicating a convergence of sports and hospitality.

8. The Home as High-Tech-Health-Hub

Wellness-focused homes are evolving into high-tech health hubs, incorporating medical-grade home health monitoring systems and smart furnishings that adjust to individual well-being needs. This trend represents a broader integration of technology into everyday living spaces.

9. A New Multisensory, Immersive Art for Wellness

The intersection of art and wellness is taking a new turn with immersive experiences powered by technology like generative AI and spatial sound.

Museums, resorts, and public spaces are embracing art forms designed to actively boost mental well-being, transforming art into a multisensory journey.

10. Under the Radar Trends

GWS chair and CEO, Susie Ellis, explores “under the radar” trends emerging from the recent Global Wellness Summit, providing a glimpse into additional developments shaping the wellness landscape.

As the wellness market continues to evolve, these trends offer valuable insights into the diverse and dynamic future of well-being. The GWS report serves as a roadmap for businesses, practitioners, and enthusiasts seeking to navigate and capitalise on the transformative changes ahead.

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