This Social Media Calendar Takes All The Hard Work Out Of Your Marketing Strategy

Streamline your spa or clinic’s social media strategy with the ultimate content calendar.

In the aesthetics and spa industry, maintaining a strong online presence is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Natalie Roberts, a seasoned salon owner turned social media expert, brings a revolutionary solution to the table – a Social Media Calendar that takes the hard work out of your marketing strategy.

Designed specifically for skin clinics, medispas, and spa professionals alike, this content calendar delivers two weeks’ worth of industry-specific content prompts directly to your inbox.

Natalie’s expertise shines through as these prompts cover the spectrum of skin, wellness and aesthetic services, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience.

Meet Natalie Roberts: Your social media ally

Natalie’s journey in the spa and aesthetics industry began long before she became a social media maven. She intimately understands the challenges faced by start-ups, single operators, and successful spa and clinic owners.

Natalie (pictured) has 15 years of hands-on experience running her own business, which is engrained within the Salon Social Media Calendar structure to help businesses achieve their own success.

Her unique perspective allows her to bridge the gap between traditional business expertise and the digital age’s demands.

After selling her salon in 2015, Natalie’s passion for the industry only intensified. Her commitment to helping aesthetic businesses thrive in the online sphere led her to combine her insider knowledge with social media savviness.

The result? A comprehensive understanding of clinic treatments, products, seasonal promotions, and, most importantly, effective marketing strategies.

Natalie, what led to the creation of Salon Social Media?

After running a salon and skin clinic for 12 years, I started helping business owners in the industry with their marketing and social media. It was around 10 years ago, when social media had just started to really become a “thing” and it was apparent that social media was a must. 

I love branding, marketing and being able to communicate the messaging of the business through the visuals, language and overall tone and cohesiveness of their overall look online, which extends from social media to emails, websites, google business pages and their entire online presence really. 

I knew business owners were busy in their own businesses and catering to everyone else, yet social media was the place their existing clients and new potential clients were going to visit them, even before their websites. 

I love bringing the businesses to life online, so they can be competitive in the online space, and this is where their ideal clients are making their decisions at night time.

What challenges do spa and clinics face when it comes to their social media?

  1. Lacking direction – They generally lack direction and fail to execute their social media with a solid plan and strategy, and this shows on their social media. 
  2. Not having a brand strategy and focusing on their ideal audience – Thinking they need to be trending and/or copying others. They need to have an understanding of their brand and ideal audience and really relate & engage to them through their specific content strategy and posts. Not just doing what they think they should be doing and copying others and especially NOT doing direct sale and promotional posts. 
  3. Time & budget – Clinics and spas owners and managers are already busy. The concern for creating content in timely manners and within budget is seen as a big challenge, although mapping out content days can be really straightforward and valuable if planned out properly and give you enough content for 3-6 months. It doesn’t need to be hard and it keep can be super simple in maintaining an effective online presence. 
  4. Not valuing their own social media presence – This is a huge challenge as sometimes your online presence can not be measured with stats directly. But, think about businesses you have chosen and not chosen based on your judgement of their social media presence.

How is this calendar suitable for aesthetic businesses?

I think the calendar is suitable for all business’s that value their brand, online presence and want to showcase their aesthetic businesses with current and relevant entertaining, relatable & branded reels. 

We have really done the hard work in coming up with monthly concepts with reel prompts, captions and even reel templates with audio that anyone can simply update and put their own images and videos in replacement of the stock content, ultimately to give the business designer reels that would usually have to be created from scratch (and not to mention finding relevant reel ideas to use for the industry).

The carousel templates are also well thought out to give you prompts and angles to educate your audience, and the design templates can easily be adjusted to your brand. 

We also consider the monthly, seasonal and promotional focuses that all clinics, spas and salons have over a 12 month period – so it can really guide you in advance on what marketing opportunities are coming up and what reels, carousels you could create for these dates. 

The calendar is sent bi-weekly in advance – so if you are wanting to manage your own socials, you can plan out the posts that you want to do, write down your own topics and angles, spend a few hours shooting the videos and then another time to sit down and update the templates we have done for you in the calendar. Then, it is as simple as schedule and post. We even have caption ideas and Call-To-Action (CTA) suggestions to make it as easy as possible. 

We’ve organised exclusive access to a whole-day template for SPA+CLINIC readers, access it by clicking the image below.

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