Dr Sean Arendse Launches A New Virtual Client Experience, zebrafish collective

This new skincare platform is delivering a fresh client experience.

Lockdown has seen so many businesses pivot their services to tap into the digital world, none taking off more than telehealth. While a lot of clinics have begun offering virtual consultations while doors are closed, the team behind Flawless Rejuvenation, a celeb-favourite clinic in Melbourne, are taking things one step further.

Dr Sean Arendse, renowned cosmetic surgeon and founder of Flawless Rejuvenation, and Katanya Brelsford, Dermal Clinician and member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists have launched a new platform, zebrafish collective.

zebrafish aims to bridge the gap between professional advice and the booming skincare ecommerce experience offering an extensive yet carefully curated range of professional products and complimentary virtual consultations to help clients make better shopping and personal care choices.

We chatted with the team about the exciting new launch and how they plan to bring their in-clinic experience to virtual clients.

Can you talk us through what led you to creating zebrafish collective?

Dr Sean Arendse

During the initial lockdowns, Katanya and I realised the lack of professional advice clients were receiving when shopping for skincare online. We also had a cohort of highly educated clinicians unable to work and share their knowledge. With our clinics closed and the prospect of many more lockdowns looming, we had to see if we could come up with a solution, and wanted to create something positive from a very daunting situation. 

We decided to bridge the gap between an e-commerce skincare platform and an in-clinic consultative experience. We feel that many customers are now shopping online for their skincare due to convenience and of course lockdowns. There are many people out there spending large amounts of money on skincare products online without the appropriate guidance or advice. This has led to individuals stripping their skin from incorrect product application or purchasing the latest trending product that wasn’t suited to them.

zebrafish collective is about guiding clients to the correct products with expert advice. We are here to support them throughout their skincare journey. 

We have to ask about the name! Where does it come from?

Katanya Brelsford

Why zebrafish? Zebrafish are remarkable. So are you.

But that’s not where this little tale ends. Because zebrafish have remarkable regenerative properties; they can regenerate their heart and other cells. They can regrow fins or part of their heart (if damaged) in a matter of weeks. And as we’re all about cell regeneration, we think that’s pretty amazing. In fact, we think more things should be named after the humble zebrafish, so we’re doing our bit (okay, they’re beautiful too, but that’s not important right now. We want them to feel good from the inside)! 

When you visit zebrafish collective for your skincare needs, you’re tapping into a professionally curated range of medical-grade skincare, selected by dermal experts for your unique skin type.  

What sets zebrafish apart from the average ecommerce skincare experience?

We provide real-time (and free) advice via our live chat function. We’ve also created a professional-grade skincare subscription box service that is tailored to your skin type with new boxes released every season and shipped to your door every 90 days.

The complimentary virtual skin consultations with our dermal clinicians help guide the customer to the correct products for them and we’re proud to be a playful and approachable brand. There’s also more than 300 carefully chosen products on the site so clients have better choices and the knowledge to navigate those.

How are you and your team building relationships with clients via the video consultations? 

We are just being ourselves. Asking the right questions, listening to what the client needs help with and working together on effective solutions. Providing our clients with ongoing support is really important. We rebook all our clients to make sure we can check-in and see how they are doing. The great thing about our live chat is if they are having trouble using a particular product or have woken up with a breakout or a skin concern they can get really fast and really quick advice by jumping on the live chat in-between consultations.  

When you’re able to open the doors to Flawless Rejuvenation again, what role will zebrafish play in your service plan?

Like with any skincare service most customers will prefer an in-clinic experience, especially if they are having regular skin treatments. The interesting thing we have found with zebrafish collective is there is a huge demographic of clients who don’t have regular skin treatments and prefer to shop online for their skincare products. Maybe they are located somewhere remote, or are very time poor, or perhaps they prefer the convenience of an online experience.

In the past decade we have seen a boom in the range and availability of skincare to consumers, and unfortunately those people who choose to purchase their skincare online haven’t been getting the same level of care they would get by going to a physical clinic and having a consultation with a skin professional.

We want to change this for the better.


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