A Free Virtual Spa Retreat Launches This Week

We may not be able to go to a retreat, so let the retreat come to you.

A wellbeing destination spa located in the mythical Greek Peloponnese, Euphoria Retreat has just launched an exciting concept in virtual wellness – a free, five-week immersive virtual retreat. So if you’re feeling stressed out about COVID-19 and social distancing measures, this may be for you.

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Inspired by Greek mythology and the five elements, the virtual programme kicks off this week, with regular online sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 16:00 (GMT+1). Marina Efraimoglou, founder of Euphoria Retreat, and Euphoria’s spiritual mentor, Mary Vandorou, will guide attendees through a 45-minute session including a talk about the energy and characteristics of each element (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) and a meditation.

Each Tuesday, the retreat will address the physical aspect of each element, discussing the organs, meridian, and special acupuncture points related to the element. The meditation will be based on Taoist principles, aiming at detoxing the organs, balancing the energy, and increasing vitality and our immune system. 

Every Friday attendees will work on the emotional and spiritual aspect of each element. During meditation, guests can aim to transform the energy of lower frequency emotions into middle frequency emotions, opening the energy paths to receive spiritual guidance from each element. 

Euphoria says “Via these webinars we will provide you with the tools and guidance of the Euphoria Methodos that are offered during our physical retreats. We have based our virtual retreat on Euphoria’s signature retreat ‘Emotional and Physical Transformation’. You can join us for just one week, one element or attend the webinars of all five weeks to discover the power of the 5 elements.”

This is another one of many creative innovations we’re seeing around the globe as wellness facilities attempt to fulfill the demand for online services. 

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