Dr Lanzer’s New Cosmetic Surgery TV Series

What can we expect from Dr Daniel Lanzer’s new reality show?

One of Australia’s best known cosmetic surgeons, Dr Daniel Lanzer is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of his new television series ‘The Cosmetic Surgery Show’. Following the success of his many appearances on Channel 7’s ‘Cosmetic Coffee’ segment, as well as SBS Insight, Studio 10, Today Extra, The Midday show, Today Tonight and A Current Affair, The Cosmetic Surgery Show will debut on Sunday 19th January on Channel 7 nation-wide.

The 10-part reality series, which takes place in front of a live audience, follows the journeys of real Australians and celebrities on their decisions to undergo cosmetic surgery. Familiar faces will include champion Australian swimmer Tracey Wickham, Australian footballer Warwick Capper, and Tziporah Malka – formerly known as model Kate Fischer.

Education is another big focus of the series, allowing the live audience to explore the inner workings of a cosmetic surgery practice and focuses on various breakthrough procedures both surgical and non-surgical.

We had a quick chat with the man of the hour to find out more about the process, and what to expect from the upcoming series.

How are you feeling about the new series?
I am very passionate about it. I love education and the show is all about understanding motivations, needs and desires. It’s great to work with a live audience to feel the energy and interest.

What inspired you to be on TV?
I have been asked to speak in the media over 100 times in the last 3 decades. I like this show as I have more of a direct control to make sure it’s very honest , critical and exciting. There are many less invasive approaches to surgery and I love to explain these.  Also the world wants “natural” results and it’s important they understand how.  All surgery has risks so truthful education is critical.

How did you find the process?
I discovered that I have a flair for creation and production. It’s all about delicately combining education and fun

Tell us what you love most about TV work as a platform
All my life I have loved making people laugh and smile. It’s my nature. I am a joker at heart. My wife can vouch for that. But I am into charity and helping people. No better way to help people than using your skill.

15 thoughts on “Dr Lanzer’s New Cosmetic Surgery TV Series

  1. I had a mini facelft with the regeneration clinic and was told it would last me 8 to 10 years.. It was a failure. I saved for such a long time on a pension. It cost me over $8.000.
    Every day when I look in the mirror.. I cry.
    I get mistaken ad my 66 year old friends as her mother. I am 65.
    I am depressed and hate myself and don’t want to be socially active.
    I hope this show shows all the things that don’t work as well.
    I did come to see Dr Lanzer a few years before but could not afford it.

    1. Nice guy , I won’t waste my tears .. I know he can’t fix a prior head plastic surgery’s fourth attempt
      . For free lmao why would he he live high life

    2. Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We are incredibly sorry to hear about your devastating experience, and we can assure you that you aren’t alone in it. It might be worth reaching out to a patient support group such as Trusted Surgeons, for further support and guidance. Let us know how you go!

    3. Hi Dr Lanez I’m Tracey I’ve had a pretty tough run from losing my husband to tongue cancer at the age of 32 my children were only little they are now 16 and 14 then a couple of years after he passed away I broke my back so at the moment I’ve had a few falls due to the pain in my back I’m writing to ask you about filling my hollow eyes I really dislike seeing them in the mirror in the morning I would get it done if I had the money to do this but I am on a disability pension and still a single mum I don’t mind if you want to do a background check so you know I’m being totally honest with you if you can help me omg I’d be so so appreciative thank you Tracey

  2. I had a tummy tuck and lipro done by Dr Lanzer .It will be 12 mths on the 18 Feb this year ,i am still over the moon ,i used to excise daily but could never get rid of my apron ,which in other words hang over belly .and back rolls of fat .Which Dr Lanzer done a wounderfull job ,i would recondmend him highly .And also i am a 65 year old women .thanking you again Dr Lanzer .

  3. Hi how do you get on the tv show I’m on a disability pension and am a widow mum of two teens and I have hollow eyes I’m so self conscious about it but can’t afford the surgery I’m being totally honest and background check can be done about my situation if I can get any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tracey

  4. Im so desperate to have my boobs reduced and tummy tuck done. But it’s so expensive. I need to win Tatts so I can get surgery done.

  5. I had full body lipo in 2005 since then I have the worst looking legs I just want to hide then. The appearance of them is like severe cellulite.
    I also had a tummy tuck and I have dog ears on the ends. Can these be fixed

  6. Well seen the show , first time ! I have breast implants I’ve hated from moments of waking from surgery,was constantly told to give it time,well had them 15 years still don’t like them ,but will never afford to have another set done ! I’ve got 800cc implants never what I wanted ,but Ian glad U show all side of things ,I shall enjoy watching and learning!

  7. I am a Queenslander but please don’t hold this against me! and I have been left with a a surgical condition that has me scared since I was eleven YEARs old. I was hoping you would look at my case?
    regards Kaye Truss 52 years old.

  8. I have never been able to wear a bikini since that age and I nearly died and never left the hospital for 3 weeks due to the medical conditions which went un diagnosed by 2 doctors!

  9. Hi, my skin like many others is terrible. I’ve been told my face looks like a train track, and a road map I’ve just turned 63 , my dads 88 and some people think I’m his wife, and no they don’t think he has a young wife. I now care for mum and dad both 88 both in wheel chairs. I gave up men because of my skin. I dread going out, for fear of people looking. My nan always said it’s in the heart that matters. But as women for me I haven’t been able to find that. One day I hope to be able to have some extensive lazer treatment.
    Regards Nadine

  10. Hi, i am a youthful looking 57 year old, who has deviated septum, so would love to correct that defect and also at the same time straighten my nose. Would love to be on the show.
    I am very subconcious of my nose.

  11. Hi,

    I am a 39 year old who have had struggles in losing weight and have found it harder since losing my father to Cancer. I have a big bulge that hangs over which i have been looking at liposuction or tummy tuck i also have had alopecia for 8 years and my confidence has completely gone i dont go out because of how i look. I would love to be on your show and hopefully get my confidence back.

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