Expert’s Social Media Secrets To Drive Success

“Today, a successful social media strategy is essential to the survival of a brand.”

At 23, social media maven Margaret Zhang is already one of Australia’s most influential new creatives. She spoke about brand differentiation in her recent talk at Vivid Ideas in Sydney.

Founder of, her work as a writer, creative director and photographer has won her a global fan base.

Here are the key tips for your business from her talk:


1. Your Brand Message Needs To Last The Distance!

Zhang emphasises that thinking longterm is vital to for business survival. “In the competitive, changing landscape it’s your brand, not your product, that people will remember. Your brand message isn’t technical,” she explains. Thus, a customer is less likely to engage with the minute details of, say, your latest laser hair-removal offer…but a brand message such as ‘being the first to offer the latest technology’ will resonate longterm.


2. Know Your Customer Inside Out

“What type of coffee does she drink? Is she a chai latte kind of girl, or does she prefer an almond milk, decaf piccolo?” Zhang stresses the importance of knowing the most delicate nuances of your customer, to capture their attention and start a conversation with them. “Get people talking. Knowing your client means you can discover how many ways you can communicate with them, rather than just through the physical product.”


3. Don’t Underestimate The Internet!

Information is easily accessible to everyone. “Customers hold the power. If they don’t like something, they can go somewhere else.” As industry experts, it’s important to have a brand voice that is credible. “People need to believe you,” Zhang says. “You are the authority.” She also stresses that customers are extremely savvy when it comes to influencers promoting your product. “Choose carefully. If there’s a model holding up your coconut water, everyone knows she got paid for it!”


4. Do You Need To Change Channels?

It’s important to align your social media platforms with your brand message. “If your brand’s message is all about luxury, why would you choose Snapchat as one of your social media channels? The point of luxury is to be inaccessible and exclusive. Snapchat makes things way too accessible, and would go against your entire brand.” Zhang also highlights that a successful digital strategy is less about the number of likes a post has and way more about building a long-term dialogue with your clients.


5. Educate!

Choose an influencer or an ambassador who can genuinely educate customers about your brand. “Every interaction is branding, so it’s vital to find someone people can engage with and truly show people how they can interact with your product.” Zhang explains further: “If I see a pretty picture of a coffee scrub, I’m going to flick right past, but if someone shows me how to use it, I’ll be more likely to give the post some attention.”

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