Can Meme Content Increase Your Reach On Social Media?

It might be a sign of the times. People want to laugh. Meme marketing is on the up and this is how you use it to your advantage on your social channels.

Have you ever noticed that a real and authentic quip about your Dr. Pimple Popper addiction tracks better on your social accounts than a perfectly posed picture of your latest treatment? Both add value to your business, but why does humour resonate more with audiences?

This is a perfect example of meme marketing in action. It has been on the rise for years, with some tagging it as the future of social marketing. To save some of you a Google search, a meme is an image, video or piece of text that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users. They are heavily influenced by pop culture, and there is no algorithm to what makes something ‘memable’. The only condition of entry to meme status is that it’s funny.

So can meme content increase your reach on social media? The short answer is yes. Memes are an excellent way to connect with your audience, increase engagement and boost your business, but they have to be executed in a certain way to be effective.

The catch with any marketing is that consumers have become very savvy in sniffing it out, even if you do camouflage it in a meme format. Once a piece of content is marked as marketing material, it feels intrusive and ingenuous, especially among younger demographics.

There are a few prongs to creating quality meme content that helps your business’ reach on social media. The first is authenticity. The nature of a meme is that it’s a joke. It’s not enough to piggyback off the success of a trending meme and insert your brand in a shoehorned fashion. This is the reason several global brands have failed dismally at meme marketing.

The second aspect is to understand your audience. It’s best to find a topic that will resonate with your clientele and business. The subject matter is endless, but a few examples for our industry could be an undying love for skincare or struggles with acne. It just needs to be relatable and real. The aim of meme marketing is not to sell products or services. It’s to keep your audience engaged and your business front of mind for when there is an organic opportunity for a sale.

Hot tip: Include your Instagram handle or business name as a watermark on any meme image you post. This way, your brand is visible if it’s reshared.

Finally, don’t try too hard. If you have to sit down and dedicate time to creating something funny, it will most likely miss the mark. If on a whim you have a knee-slapping antidote, meme away.

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