Drink to Better Skin Health

BeautTea Tea square

Hydrating and cleansing, You BeauTEA is an Australian-made brew with unique ingredients to help restore and maintain the body’s natural collagen levels.

Founder Nicole Grass researched and trialled a multitude of herbal blends, before successfully identifying a combination of active ingredients which delivers anti-ageing properties.

With natural ingredients sourced from ethical and fair-trade suppliers in Japan, Nicole says consumption of You BeauTEA promotes and stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production for radiant, more youthful looking skin, thicker, glossier hair and stronger, healthier nails.

‘There are a number of detox and cleansing benefits from our ingredients, including orange peel for gastrointestinal and liver function; honeysuckle to increase liver function; chamomile for improved digestion; peppermint for liver and gastro improvements; and rosehip as a source of vitamin C,’ Nicole explains.

The preservative and caffeine-free tea combines a blend of both vitamin C and collagen peptide derived from a marine source, designed to not only reverse the signs of ageing but also result in a stronger immune system and a clearer complexion.

You BeauTEA can be enjoyed both hot and cold, providing clients the opportunity to take time to relax and restore before and after treatments.



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