The Skin Whisperer


The Skin Whisperer is Mila D’Opiz’s revolutionary signature product, formulated to impact cells to trigger the genes, where DNA Blue Print Codes are ignited – and where ageing begins.

Regenerating the skin through cell-to-cell communication, thanks to bio-technology, the active ingredients stimulate cells to reactivate 14 of our genes responsible for the synthesis of collagen production, the assembly of collagen fibres, those linked to hyaluronic acid and the mobility of fibroblasts.

The Skin Whisperer features the power-plus DermCom complex, a natural marine-based super complex that acts on cell-to cell- communication to rejuvenate the skin matrix.

This component, with its repairing actives, boosts collagen and elastin production, stimulates natural growth factors, increases skin resilience and enhances skin texture.

The potent formula of The Skin Whisperer includes four plant stem cells and next-generation Undaria Pinnitifida, a Wakame Ester that penetrates without effort due to its extremely low molecular weight.

This ingredient offers intense hydration, repairs, guards against UV rays and helps maintain the skin’s firmness and youthfulness by boosting collagen and elastin.


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