Waterlily Launches Body Collection, SPAJourneys

A range of luxurious wellness rituals inspired by exotic destinations from around the globe.

Waterlily continues to pioneer new innovations in the spa wellness space. After releasing their independent scientific clinical trials last year, the interest in the brand continues to thrive. Waterlily’s naturopathic philosophy fuses nutraceuticals actives with clean cosmeceuticals and sensory botanicals to intensify results while delivering a beautiful aromatic sensory journey.

This May, Waterlily will launch SPAJourneys. SPAJourneys delivers a professionally exclusive collection of ten globally inspired luxury body rituals; wellness ceremonies that embrace ancient healing wisdom captured in timeless traditions from exotic destinations around the world.

Each of the 10 thoughtfully curated SPAJourneys contain nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and botanically active elements. They are active, effective, sensory and a complete wellness experience drawing from exotic ingredients and international rituals. 

From the Hinoki Forest Bathing Ritual in Japan to the Italian Digestive Wellness rituals of Tuscany, each journey embodies the essence of its origin infusing the spa experience with a sensory odyssey to deliver real therapeutic benefits.

We caught up with Waterlily Founder, Michelle Reeve, to discuss the concept behind the upcoming launch.

What led to the creation of SPAJourneys?

More and more we are watching as wellness trends are reflecting the immersive sensory experiences which celebrate the connection to nature, culture and mindfulness. Travel and wellness are merging and our guests are rediscovering the simple joys and health benefits that come from exploring nature, hiking and spiritual retreats.

Drawing inspiration from century old traditions and cutting edge ingredient technology comes a collection of unique spa therapies which encompass a diverse array of treatment rituals carefully curated to deliver on a range of unique indications, experiences and wellness destinations.

From the Hinoki Forest Bathing ceremonies of Japan to the hammams of Morocco each ritual embodies the essence of its origin, infusing a deeply tactile spa journey with the exotic allure of far-off lands.

Each ritual captures a blend of phytotherapy (the power of plants), pelotherapy (the healing use of clay), thalassotherapy (mineral rich ocean water plasma) and aromatherapy in therapeutic concentrations blended with cosmeceutical actives, botanicals and innovative nutraceutical food grade ingredients.

From hormone health (Moroccan Melt) to collagen inducting benefits (Vino Therapy) to adrenal support with an IV infusion of liposomal B vitamins (Lemongrass Tisane) each ritual captures advanced actives in clinical concentrations culminating in a nutrient dense formulation to target and transform body, mind and spirit.

Nadine Dilong, Michelle Reeve, Kym Cowper

How can these be incorporated into treatments? Are they a set protocol or can be intertwined with existing protocols?

We have created 10 unique rituals to suit the varying destinations, therapeutic applications and demands of each spa partner.  Whether it’s a full body immersive experience, a longer spa journey capturing a complementing professional spa facial or sensory touch points to enhance and uplift existing treatments, there are 5 elements to each ritual to create a unique guest experience.

What is your personal favourite out of the range, and why?

My personal favourite is the Forest Bathing Ritual featuring Hinoki heartwood with an infusion of gingko biloba, ginseng and precious jasmine flower.   The neuro-adaptogen power of this aromatic ritual delivers grounded relaxation while relieving stress anxiety and fatigue and is truly transformational.  The dermal benefits of the ingredients rejuvenate skin to tone, tighten and replenish while locking in hydration. A beautiful ritual inspired by the Japanese philosophy of “Shinrin-Yoku”, the simple act of spending time in nature.

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