Allergan Launches “Moving the Needle on Ethics” Book

Allergan Aesthetics launches “Moving the Needle on Ethics” to elevate the conversation around ethics in aesthetics.

The global medical aesthetics industry is set to grow faster than ever before, with 23 million dermal filler and 14.6 million body procedures predicted by 2025. With the influx of new practitioners and patients, trusted information, and education to ensure high ethical standards is more important than ever.

Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie Company, has announced Moving the Needle on Ethics – its collaboration with medical aesthetics experts from around the globe aiming to elevate discussions on ethics in aesthetics. The collection of interviews highlights the need for industry-wide transparency and integrity to meet the expected increase in global demand for aesthetics treatments.

The global aesthetics industry is booming. According to a new report, “The global aesthetic medicine market size is expected to reach USD 332.1 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 14.9% over the forecast period.”  This growth presents exciting opportunities, but also underscores the importance of ethical practices in aesthetics.

Social media plays a significant role in this industry, with 79% of consumers using some type of social media to learn about aesthetic treatments. Yet, staying ethical in the fast-paced world of social media marketing can be a challenge for aesthetic medicine professionals as there’s a need to balance patient education, brand promotion, and regulatory compliance that requires a nuanced approach.

Over ninety percent of practitioners (91%) believe those providing medical aesthetic procedures should be guided by ethical standards. So, as part of the Aesthetics-Ethics program, Allergan Aesthetics engaged in extensive global research, including global social media listening, insight gathering and face-to-face discussions across the industry in 13 countries to better understand the ethical environment and key topics in the industry today and into the future.

Bringing together industry voices to discuss ethics

Based on the research findings, the Moving the Needle on Ethics Book further examines the ethical landscape of aesthetic medicine and elevates the role and impact of ethical excellence across a range of scenarios including consultation, social media, training and education, product quality and patient care. The aim is to support patient safety and positive outcomes.

To that point, the book features a dedicated chapter by Dr. Kavita Mariwalla, a double board-certified dermatologist and social media influencer with over 96,000 Instagram followers. In “Demonstrating Integrity on Social Media,” she offers a practical guide for ethical online engagement geared towards healthcare practitioners.

Dr. Mariwalla’s chapter highlights key takeaways like:

  • Shifting the focus from marketing to education: Empowering patients through accurate information and guidance on finding safe practitioners.
  • Prioritising transparency and evidence-based content: Clearly identifying credentials, citing research sources, and discussing both potential benefits and risks of procedures.
  • Navigating trends responsibly: Discerning which trends align with ethical practices and ensuring content maintains authenticity.
  • Building trust through authentic partnerships: Highlighting transparency regarding sponsored content and influencer relationships.

It is important to note that marketing guidelines differ from country to country, and therefore not everything in this book will be applicable to the Australian market.

The Moving the Needle on Ethics Book includes the following articles:

Dr Jonquille Chantrey – Defining Your Ethical Compass: The Psychology of Ethics
Dr Cara McDonald – Ethics Beyond Regulations
Dr Hytham Jamjoom – Recognising the Importance of Patient Education
Dr Marcel Vinicius – Right Product, Right Patient, Right Time
Dr Marva Safa – Communicating Effectively with Younger Patients
Dr Kavita Mariwalla – Demonstrating Integrity on Social Media
Dr Shannon Humphrey – Successfully Consulting with Patients
Dr Sophie Shotter – Supporting Public Healthcare Systems to Manage Aesthetic Complications
Dr Zhang Yuguang – The Ethical Influence of China’s Authentic Alliance
Dr Kiyoko Kato – Enhancing Aesthetic Education for Healthcare Practitioners

You can download Moving The Needle On Ethics here

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