Allergan Launches Online Booking System

Allergan has just launched a bold new strategy in the US market, more clearly than ever demonstrating a push towards the Millennial and Gen Z markets.

The global giant has just launched its latest venture – Regi, the online booking platform that is, according to the website, ‘the destination for discovering and booking aesthetic and curated beauty treatments.’ Allergan is reportedly working with 10 paid social media influencers to support the launch.

Users of the new platform can search by area for services including nails, injectables, body contouring, facials, massage and more, and can submit appointment requests by selecting their chosen clinic with date and timeslot, and the Regi Concierge will respond with a phone call to confirm. Users will also receive a text from Regi following the treatment – just to check in.

All businesses are vetted by the Regi team, who visit the locations before being allowed to publish. Clinics and practitioners offering injectables and body sculpting treatments are all registered users of Allergan filler, anti-wrinkle and cryolipolysis solutions. Currently, only a selection of providers in New York and Los Angeles are listed, but expected to expand into Dallas and Houston later this year.

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Allergan’s senior vice president of consumer strategy and innovation, said of the launch “There is a clear demand for digital marketplaces and technology companies that are fulfilling consumer demand via immediate access to goods and services… But there was no one place where a beauty enthusiast could book both a massage and an injectable treatment within one platform. With the launch of Regi, Allergan will interact directly with new consumers, many of which we expect to be urban, beauty-oriented millennial women.”

“Consumers are accustomed to having everything at their fingertips—with digital apps and services providing access to just about anything imaginable. However, there wasn’t a place where one could book both a massage and an injectable treatment within one platform. We like to think of Regi as filling that space in the market.”

This is the second digital venture dedicated to consumers to be launched by Allergan in the past 9 months, following the September 2018 roll-out of Spotlyte, a digital content platform covering topics from consumer cosmetics trends to aesthetic treatments, as well as information on Allergan service providers.

The move is directly in line with Allergan’s latest advertising campaign earlier this year, ‘Own Your Look’, targeting younger generations. Allergan’s Senior Vice President of U.S. Medical Aesthetics, Carrie Strom, said at the time “We’ve shifted the positioning to not only appeal to our core client — women that are in their 40s and older — but to also be squarely targeted at Millennials. That’s where we see the growth is for the brand.”

It does however beg the question once again – are we further trivialising medical aesthetic treatments, and making injectables more casual and accessible to consumers than they should be?

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