Get To Know Our Speakers: Vaia Pappas

Have you bought your tickets yet for BEAUTY & SPA Insiders?

SPA+CLINIC is co-hosting its first ever industry event, which will be a unique summit for spa, salon and clinic practitioners and business owners alike. Registrations are open now and tickets start at just $395.

The programme is available online, where you will find a stellar line-up of industry speakers, and we wanted to give you the chance to get to know them a little better before seeing them grace our summit stage.

Vaia Pappas, from Vaia Beauty, will be speaking on the panel DIY: The Challenges And Rewards Of Creating Our Own Skincare Ranges.

Vaia is a holistic beauty therapist and herbalist who has spent 22 years with her hands on clients, either indulging them with her soft nurturing touch or preparing custom herbal blends to re balance from the inside out. Vaia recognised very early on in her career that there is much more to beauty than topical treatments, so pursued her studies in herbal medicine and completed a bachelor degree in health sciences. Vaia’s passion for herbal medicine stems from her families home brewed recipes for skin and health, which is an important part of her Greek heritage. It’s Vaia’s mission to share these with the world, so stay tuned! There will be a book.

The Vaia Beauty products came to life when Vaia was treating a patient with a complicated presentation. Rather than going to her beauty cupboard, Vaia went straight to her herbal medicine dispensary and birthed the first Vaia Beauty product- a purifying mask that combined Echinacea for acne and burdock for healing …the results were instant. Fast forward to now, the Vaia Beauty brand contains 3 masks, 2 serums, a cleanser, body lotion and 2 bath soaks. There was refining and lots of failed formulas but Vaia has since then created a set of skin care Located in the heart of Darlinghurst. Vaia has had her holistic spa for 13 years, which is now home to many loyal clients.

Tell us why you’re looking forward to speaking at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders
I love being immersed within our industry events and hanging out with amazing and like-minded people!

Tell us your daily routine in a nutshell
Wake up, turn on my doTTERRA diffuser, feed the kids breakfast and get them ready for school…. This leaves me with 15 minutes to shower, put on my face and get ready for work!

Once the day is over and I arrive home, I love to have a glass of wine, cook a healthy meal and hang out with my kids (read, play and bond). The diffuser is on again in the evening, to help us all wind down.

What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
Definitely a holistic facial which incorporates a herbal medicine consultation.

What do you love most about your job?
Being able to truly make a difference to peoples’ lives.

3 items you never leave the house without?
My crystal water bottle, an essential oil blend depending on how I am feeling on the day and powdered bone broth- it’s my emergency lunch/snack option.

Name someone who inspires you and why
Oprah Winfrey! She gets to interview and podcast with the most incredible people in the world. Her words and wisdom are prophetic and filled with love and positivity. I feel like if everyone listened to her podcasts, the world would be a better place.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I don’t live in the future, I live in the present, and I am truly happy with the natural direction and organic growth of my life as is.

Tell us a key learning you would pass on to other budding beauty entrepreneurs?
Trust your gut and believe in yourself.

What is your top tip for separating business and pleasure?
I don’t – they come everywhere with me and I’m ok with that because I love my business! If I want to switch off mentally though, I will have an infra red sauna treatment or get on my yoga mat.

Any hobbies outside of work?
No time!

Favourite quote?
“Your heart knows the way, run in that direction.” – Rumi

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