Let’s Talk About Intimate Rejuvenation

There’s no doubt about it – intimate rejuvenation is well and truly on the rise. The landscape surrounding woman’s vaginal health is shifting and thanks to today’s social climate not only has a dialogue been started, there is also a growing buzz within the industry. As more women, treatment providers and the wider media talk more openly about female health, aesthetics, functionality and sexual wellness, the field of non-surgical female genital rejuvenation is expanding and procedures worldwide are on the increase to meet growing demand.

According to the American Med Spa Association, Vaginal Rejuvenation is one of the fastest-growing and sought after treatments at Medispas in the US, reporting a 30% increase over the last few years, in part due to the availability of non-invasive services. It is no surprise then, that providers of intimate hair-removal services report hearing questions about vagina whitening and along the lines of “what can I do to tighten things up?” or “is it possible to lighten up that area somehow?” on a daily basis. In fact, a recent study revealed that 48% of the woman interviewed had concerns about the appearance and colouration of their vulva, clitoris and labia.

Before and after three treatments

Changes to genitalia laxity, pigmentation, texture and appearance are completely normal and occur naturally through hormonal changes, childbirth and the natural ageing process. Oftentimes woman can feel insecure or anxious about these changes, although perfectly normal. Thankfully, treatment providers can now provide support for those whose body confidence has been negatively impacted, by offering a fast, easy and effective in-clinic solution to these common concerns.

The Global Beauty Group, three-time ABIA wholesaler of the year winning beauty suppliers, are thrilled to announce the launch of the Pink Intimate System for intimate rejuvenation.

Developed by renowned Italian medical research centre Promoitalia, The Pink Intimate System is the ideal non-invasive solution for clients wishing to regain youthfulness and firmness to the external vaginal region and surrounding tissue. A revolutionary peel that lifts, lightens and rejuvenates intimate areas with bio-stimulating components that simultaneously trigger a natural regeneration process within the body. Patient case studies have shown immediate, noticeable results, often after the first treatment. 

For over 15 years, Peggy Millios, owner of the 8 location salon group ‘Wax It’ has been helping clients across Queensland and the Northern Territory “look great, feel confident”. Peggy decided to add the Pink Intimate System to her treatment menu to help clients boost their confidence, saying “The system is very much in alignment with our ethos of helping our clients alleviate their concerns without the need for invasive procedures. More than ever before we are seeing people become more self-conscious and wanting to look good, and for us it’s all about caring for our guests with non-invasive treatments. Clients have been amazed and delighted at the results – it’s been so nice to see them walking out with a smile!”

A gentle yet effective chemical solution that is applied topically, the formula is comprised of high-performing active ingredients clinically formulated to lighten and lift including Kojic acid, Rucinol, and Glutathione as well as ingredients designed to restore and soothe such as Papaya, Retinol, Bisabolol and Liquorice extract.

With Pink Intimate, clients can experience:

  • Tightening and firming of the treatment area  
  • Brighter and more consistent skin tone on intimate areas              
  • Improved skin texture and smoothing of rough areas
  • Reduction in the appearance of blemishes 
  • Fast, comfortable and non-invasive treatments
  • Zero downtime or post treatment discomfort
  • Visible results, often from the first treatment

Designed for frequent areas of concern, the skin-sensitive treatments can also address pigmentation common in delicate regions of the body by lightening and brighten areas of the body including:

  • External Vaginal area e.g. Labia majora 
  • Mons-Venus (pubic mound)
  • Perianal region (anus & surrounding area)
  • Bikini Line
  • Underarms
  • Knees and elbows
  • Breast areola (nipples)
  • Glutes and thighs
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As a safe and effective option, the Pink Intimate System is an absolute game changer for both women and treatment providers as a cost-effective and viable alternative for those considering invasive and painful surgery. Pink intimate is the only non-surgical topical treatment specifically designed for safe use in the genital region and surrounding areas. The service takes less than 20 minutes to perform, requires no specialised salon equipment and has consumable cost of $25 per treatment with the average treatment price being around $175. 

Making sure women look and feel beautiful is the touchstone of our industry. By offering sought-after services such as the Pink Intimate System, treatment providers are catering to an ever-growing demand whilst also helping clients feel more body confident than ever.

For more information call The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607 or visit www.theglobalbeautygroup.com.au

This article is sponsored by The Global Beauty Group.


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