How To Incorporate Skincare In Your Clinic

Dr. Ronald L. Moy, founder of DNA Renewal, is a renowned scientist, researcher, dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon who is coming to Australia later this month to educate spa owners about his latest findings in skincare, and how to make it work for your business. Here, he gives us a sneak-peek of his expertise…

How to educate your patients on using the best skincare products 

Educating patients simply begins by using a list of products and services on offer to try to solve the problem that they came to you for.  At our clinic in LA, we write down the patient’s plan for treatment or improving their skin.  We then educate our patients using that list as a way to explain that other products or procedures can also improve their results and help their skin health in other ways.

How to incorporate skincare products in any clinic 

The best way to incorporate skin care products in any clinic is to market them internally but to remind each health care provider, physician, or aesthetician how to explain products to their clients.  An economic incentive  (a percentage of the sales goes to the provider) can stimulate the sale of skincare products. The incorporation of skincare products does depend on each provider finding a way to educate patients.  For example a patient who comes in for eye bags or just looking old might be educated that there are skincare products that can tighten skin, decrease pigmentation, decrease sun damage and more.

How to increase collagen and decrease sun damage with skincare products 

The ways to increase collagen is to use a product that contains growth factors like our Regeneration Serum or our new Eye Balm.  Clinical studies have proven that these products increase collagen in senile purpura (bruised skin in the elderly), acne scars, thin necks and even eye bags.  The best way to decrease sun damage is to use DNA Intensive Renewal, DNA Night Renewal or the DNA Mask all of which contain DNA repair enzymes that work to help decrease sun damage.

The newest and best active ingredients in skincare 

The newest and best active ingredients in skincare are DNA repair enzymes and growth factors.

The results and effectiveness of ingredients such as DNA repair enzymes and growth factors are enhanced when used with microneedling to increase penetration.  We have seen some of the best results at reducing pigmentation when the Regeneration Serum has been used with microneedling.

Dr Ronald Moy,  founder of DNA Renewal,  Past President, American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery. To attend Dr Moy’s skincare workshops on Jan 17 in Melbourne or Jan 22 in Sydney, contact