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BeeBio Anti-Aging Skincare is a multifunctional natural skincare range, scientifically proven to deliver a complete anti-ageing solution.

Inspired by the special healing, antibacterial and skin cell regeneration properties of active manuka honey that have found worldwide critical acclaim, BeeBio spent three years developing a range of natural skincare products based on nature and science.

BeeBio Anti-Aging Skincare is made with a unique blend of natural ingredients sourced from within New Zealand. Active manuka honey, royal jelly and bee venom are from bees feeding on the flowers of the manuka bush, which is native to New Zealand.

By combining active manuka honey and 100 percent natural bee products, along with the very best of New Zealand’s super fruits, botanicals and essential oils, BeeBio has created a pure and superior anti-ageing skincare range.

‘The skincare products are so natural I would eat them!’ says BeeBio Australia’s Client Relationship Manager and Trainer, Diana Raice.

She advises never to apply anything to your skin that you would not be able to eat as the skin absorbs everything you apply, hence the importance of natural and edible ingredients in a skincare range.

BeeBio Anti-Aging Skincare is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins.

Products just released in Australia are Active Manuka Honey Day Cr””me with SPF 15, Active Manuka Honey Night Cr””me,  Active Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Facial Cr””me, Active Manuka Honey Eye Cr””me with Bee Venom, Bee Venom and Fruit Boost Anti-Aging Face Masque.

BeeBio Australia offers an attractive retail opportunity with natural anti-aging skincare at a reasonable price and attractive margins, customised opening orders, sales, marketing and promotional support as well as on-site training and professional assistance.

PRESS RELEASE BEEBIO ANTI-AGING SKINCARE NOW AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA BeeBio Australia Announces its New Natural Anti-Aging Skincare Range and its Entry to the Australian Marketplace Sydney, March 2014 – BeeBio Australia announces its new skincare range New Zealand BeeBio Anti-Aging Skincare is now available in Australia. With this announcement,

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