5 Reasons Gen Y Will Age Better Than Their Parents

Dr Vincent Giampapa

Smashed avo may be preventing younger generations from affording their own home, but on the upside, they may just age better than their parents. Dr Giampapa, MD, Harvard Researcher and Regenerative Medicine Expert explains.

  1. They’re more disciplined – Despite the negative press, millennials are actually more focused and future-minded than previous generations. One American study found that millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) are better at tracking their spending and sticking to a budget than Baby Boomers.i This dedication and focus means that they’re more likely to stick to their personal goals.
  2. They use bio wearables – New technology means that we’re able to keep track of what we eat, drink and how much we move each and every day. And we can do it all just by getting dressed. Called bio wearables – jewellery and trackers incorporated into clothes (and even implanted in the not-too-distant-future) – allow people to monitor their sleep patterns, activity levels, readiness for physical activity and even their blood sugar and hormone levels.ii This information helps the wearer know what to eat, when to eat, and when to workout for optimum results.
  3. They have better access to anti-ageing products – Lucky millennials are fortunate enough to live in a time when supplements don’t just mean vitamins and minerals, but can help them look and live younger. Today’s new supplements can actually decrease DNA damage and prevent free radicals – caused by poor diet and the environment – from ageing the skin. New supplements can now change your genes, by turning on and off within each one of the 100 million cells we each have in our body. Best of all, supplements are also now able to be prescribed according to your personal ageing needs. A new range, Jeunesse Global AMPM Essentials, are ideal for those looking to the future and wishing to hold back the hands of time. AM ESSENTIALS™ is designed to help you achieve optimal health and cell longevity. A combination of key vitamins and nutrients, these supplements help to increase daily energy levels, support healthy cell function, and help you improve and maintain overall body composition. At night, it’s recommend you support your slumber with PM ESSENTIALS. Designed to help you achieve optimal health and cell longevity, these supplements contain a combination of key vitamins and nutrients, to help maintain healthy sleep patterns and support nutrient absorption.
  4. Technology is their friend – Whereas stem cell research was something we read about in sci-fi books, the future is now here. Stem Cell technology involves the ability to collect and store stem cells, to be re-infused years later. This process, called bio-insurance, could lead to a healthier and longer lifespan. Millennials will have the luxury of storing their stem cell reserves so they can repair and restore their body function more efficiently than their elders. Sound far-fetched? “Youth-infusions” are already happening in many countries around the world. It’s been found that a youth infusion can increase life span by three months for every year you live.
  5. They’re healthier overall – It’s not just smashed avocado that millennials hanker for (and they’re great for the skin!). Research shows that the younger generation eat a more wholesome, plant-based diet than their parents. And, they’re more aware of their health, drinking and smoking less too, which of course helps them keep looking younger for longer.

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