Better Than Ever

PHYTS Aromalliance 400x400

PHYT’S understands there isn’t just one type of mature skin, so their anti-ageing Aromalliance range has been reformulated to make it easier to choose the best skin treatments for all clients concerned with skin ageing.

The range includes three professional treatments: Soin d’O, Soin Multi-Vita and Soin Oligo Vital, with a collection of retail products ensuring home care follow-up and continued results.

Like all PHYT’S products, the Aromalliance professional treatments are certified organic and are made with natural active ingredients of 100 per cent natural origin – creating a powerful and healthy synergy between nature and the skin with no parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, artificial dyes and no animal testing.

The PHYT’S Aromalliance anti-ageing treatments have been tested and proven to naturally defy skin ageing with an increase in skin nutrition by up to 90 percent; facial features smoothed by 81 percent; and an increase in the skin’s regeneration process by 76 pe cent.

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