Youth At Your Fingertips

Cosmeceutical skincare brand Mesoestetic has released a hand cream as part of its Radiance DNA collection.

Mesoestetic boasts five professional skincare ranges, each scientifically formulated to target a specific concern. Radiance DNA is focused on anti-ageing.

Each product in this collection contain a mix of ingredients that work to repair and protect the skin’s DNA code.

“DNA is the code that perfectly balances periods of skin cell activity with periods of skin cell restoration,” says Caroline Johns, marketing manager for Advanced Cosmeceuticals, Australian distributor of the brand.

“In an optimum scenario, this balance enables skin to quickly recover from external aggressors and fight the signs of ageing.”

Many agree that hands, in particular, are a telltale sign of ageing, so this super high-tech hand cream is a must-have.

It not only works to soften and moisturise, but contains sunscreen and peptides that stimulate cell renewal, working to delay wrinkles and prevent dark spots.

Apply a small quantity of cream to hands, and gently rub in until completely absorbed. Repeat as often as necessary.


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