Make a Statement

Are you ready for your own brand? Are you buzzing with ideas for products you would like to see on your salon shelves? Now is the time!

Beauty-Full Blends is a professional boutique-style company that blends signature products to showcase your business.


With a collective 30-plus years in the spa, beauty and wellbeing industry, Aphra Hill and Jody Wood saw a gap in the market for creating bespoke skincare for aesthetics businesses wanting signature style.

“We love helping your vision become a reality,” says Aphra. “After all, why not have your own brand sitting in someone’s home?

“Your own brand can save you money, time and boost your business profile. If you get your team involved you can have high motivation towards sales and a sense of ownership throughout your business.

“There’s no more need to compromise on product types, stock holding, minimum order quantities, delivery times or price. You are in control here.”

Jody and Aphra both share a common love of products, wellbeing and client care. “From developing a signature scent to a full range of products, we work alongside our clients, maximising your potential for both retail and professional stock,” Aphra continues.

“Synergy is key, and translating ideas from potential to reality, is our strength. “We can make cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliants, masks, teas, serums, massage blends, body muds, essential oil blends, amenities and more. There is no limit to your imagination.

“At Beauty-Full Blends we make it our job to be the experts in products and the ingredients that go into them.

“We source raw materials from ethical and reliable companies, and work directly with growers where possible.

“It’s important that the quality of the ingredients is high. You can choose from gluten-, dairy- and palm oil-free bases if preferred.

“We don’t use SLS, SLES, PEGS or parabens unless specifically required. We work with natural bases, pure essential oils, specialise in Australian botanicals and fresh and potent extracts, to co-create amazing products.

“From organic, results-based facial or body care to the latest trends, our scope can cover many a style of brief.

“We are an affordable boutique style business, keeping our production runs as small as 1kg batches up to 100kg.

“Our commitment and connection to our clients is strong here, our turnover of stock is fast and the production runs are fresh. We have a down to earth and hands on approach, and we like it this way.

“In addition, we offer a selection of consultancy services to complement, from marketing support, to treatment and menu copy and design, training and wellness coaching for business and individuals and business mentoring.”