Not For Profit Launches To Educate Patients

If you ask any Australian Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon what one of the biggest challenges in the industry is, most of them would name the rising number of unqualified surgeons performing botched surgery, both within Australia and especially overseas.

The highly unregulated industry is partly to blame for patients being clueless when it comes to choosing a surgeon as titles such as ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ are vague and used by doctors who may not have had the training and experience they need in order to perform cosmetic surgery.

A new not for profit community aims to change that and make it easier for patients to make the right choice. Trusted Surgeons connects people interested in elective surgery with reputable industry professionals to minimise confusion and maximise education.

Nicole Montgomery, cosmetic surgery nurse and Founder of Trusted Surgeons, realised that there are no post-operative support platforms for patients in Australia.

Nicole Montgomery states: “We are focusing all our efforts on educating, supporting, and promoting qualified surgeons. The public are becoming more aware on the dangers of surgery; however, Cosmetic Tourism is on the rise in Australia.”

“Whilst we realise that there are peak bodies for plastic surgeons in Australia, these are primarily a representation for surgeons and focus on expanding a surgeon’s knowledge of the industry.’

“We want to create a voice for the patients, weather they are seeking surgery for the first time or returning after a procedure has not gone according to the plan.”

In contrast to other information and review sites, Trusted Surgeons is not powered by surgeons only interested in generating leads, or suppliers advertising. As a not for profit, it can give unbiased views and advice.

“We are people with a purpose to genuinely help people and this genuine, authentic, and honest approach is what sets us apart.”