How Saint Haven Is Making Melbourne A Luxury Wellness Hotspot

Australia’s most in-demand private club, Saint Haven, has announced the surprise sell-out of its second location in Toorak before the public launch, and a third location in South Yarra set to start pre-registrations in the coming weeks, before the public launch at the start of July.

Saint Haven, the innovative wellness club concept founded by Simon Flint, former CEO of Evolution Wellness, is making waves in the health and wellness industry with its latest expansion. With a mission to redefine the health club experience, Saint Haven is poised to become a global leader in holistic wellness, blending cutting-edge technology, personalised services, and luxurious environments.

This announcement follows the sell-out success of its first Collingwood location last year, where all memberships were exhausted prior to the doors opening. Created by businessman and entrepreneur Tim Gurner, founder of Gurner Group, Saint Haven launched to significant fanfare, combining ancient holistic practices with science-backed health programs, cutting-edge reverse-aging technologies, and personalised 5-star service. This unique offering has amassed a waitlist of over 15,000 people eagerly awaiting new locations​.

A new era in wellness clubs

The Group’s top-secret Toorak club, located on Toorak Road and fronting the exclusive Toorak Village, sold out off-market. The limited invitation-only memberships were filled within days, with only 45 memberships held back for opening later in the year.

This 1,600 sqm club, situated in the recently completed St Germain building at 505 Toorak Road, will be the Group’s first ‘Saint Haven Black Label’ club, featuring the top two tiers of memberships – Black and Ultimate. These will focus on unparalleled service, luxury, and investment into reverse-ageing technology.

Innovative features and services

The practitioner team at Toorak will curate bespoke health and wellness plans for members, integrating new technologies, nutrition, empirical data from DNA testing and bloodwork, Oura Ring sleep data, supplements, and exclusive treatments. Members will also enjoy personal lockers with their favorite organic and natural fragrances, an overnight washing service, and Bentley Melbourne airport chauffeur service​

Personalisation is at the core of Saint Haven’s offerings. Each member undergoes a comprehensive health assessment, including genetic testing and biomarker analysis, to create a customized wellness plan. This personalised approach ensures that members receive tailored advice and treatments that address their unique needs and goals. Additionally, the club integrates advanced technology with health tracking tools like bloodwork, DNA testing, and Oura rings to provide tailored health recommendations​.

Simon Flint’s vision for Saint Haven was born out of a desire to create a sanctuary where individuals could achieve holistic wellness. His extensive experience in the fitness industry has given him a deep understanding of the evolving needs of health club members.

The third location, South Yarra, has been in the works for 12 months. The team collaborated with Larry Kestelman and the LK Group to create a special Club offering within the prestigious Capitol Grand building. Designed by Simon Brugaletta, Head of Interior Design at Gurner Design House, the South Yarra club spans 1,700 sqm and features a co-working space, phone booths, a boardroom, and various wellness studios.

Both clubs will offer Saint Haven’s signature Fire & Ice class and Sound Bath classes, designed to build strength, resilience, and provide opportunities for members to surrender and connect with like-minded individuals. The ‘Haven’ treatment facility within Saint Haven provides access to the latest reverse-aging technologies, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, PEMF Mats, Cryotherapy, sound therapy, and Red-Light Therapy.

Over $20 million has been invested between the two clubs of Saint Haven to offer members an experience not available anywhere else in the world.

Memberships at South Yarra will range from $179 per week across four tiers. The first Saint Haven location has been open for just under 12 months, with members witnessing quantifiable health benefits and life-changing experiences. In a controlled sample study, members experienced improved heart health, increased sleep quality, and overall better wellness metrics

James Vivian joins Saint Haven

These include Breathwork, Yoga, Reformer Pilates, Strength & Conditioning studios, and treatment rooms for massages and facials by James Vivian.

With in-demand memberships and luxurious amenities.
This partnership with James Vivian and Saint Haven is expected to bring innovative skincare and wellness treatments to the club’s members​, with offering a customised selection of high-performance, cutting-edge facial treatments tailored to each individual’s skin, supported by scientific research and the latest technologies.

The club also features a signature Ancient Bathhouse with thermal 38-degree magnesium pool, ice baths, a traditional sauna, a steam room, and an on-site organic wholefoods restaurant and elixir bar​.

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