One Wybelenna: Holistic Haven

The leafy suburbs of Brisbane welcome a new spa sanctuary steeped in One Wybelenna. Ashleigh Sharman discovers.

Brisbane is all grown up, its spa scene now reflecting these impressive changes with the addition of One Wybelenna — a sanctuary steeped in tranquillity and harmony.

Director, Heather Sartain managed the redevelopment of the property over a period of four years and upon completion, realised she had created a space most suited to the retreat guest.

“With my years of study and experience in the health industry, including nursing, natural therapies and yoga, I envisaged a space where people could come to relax whilst enjoying their treatments in luxurious surroundings.

One W STORY“For me it is about sharing the space and bringing together a great team to assist in the enjoyment of that space,” says Heather, whose vision and philosophy is indeed clear across the 1.7 acres of tranquil, beautifully landscaped gardens.

The building is itself of award winning architectural design, built with love and care — properties Heather deems important in maintaining balance and harmony. And it is this ‘flow’ of space and energy that is immediately felt by guests, uplifting and invigorating at every corner.

“I selected this location as it resonated with me after the years I had spent working here on a daily basis.

“Being at one with the property is what drew me to opening a spa. This was the driving force, to be able to use my experiences in health and combine them with my latest project that I had directed all my energies into.”

Wellness advocate and yoga instructor, Heather’s integrated, holistic philosophy towards personal health and beauty, nurturing inside and out, is clearly represented in One Wybelenna’s treatment menu and product selection.

One W STORY 4With a focus on guests’ self-care in health and wellness, body, mind and soul, One Wybelenna offers a range of treatments including detoxification; a magnesium spa and pool for relaxation; and Shirodhara, an Ayurveda therapy where warmed black sesame oil is poured in a gentle stream onto the forehead, promoting focus, balance and grounding.

“When choosing product lines I looked for natural ingredients, wholesome yet active.

“I looked for luxurious products that would not be too expensive and it was also important for me to introduce a results driven line,” explains Heather who selected the Germaine de Capuccini range from Spain, Australian-owned Subtle Energies, and Brisbane-based Issada cosmetics — all sharing a dedication to quality, sustainability and holistic wellness.

One W STORY 2One Wybelenna’s latest addition, exclusive couple’s retreat Eumundii, further enhances Heather’s vision of bespoke luxury and soulful escape offering its own private garden and indoor hydrotherapy spa bath: A guest experience that speaks to her own definition of wellness.

“Wellness is a healthy and balanced state of mind, body and soul. It is about balancing our own needs with those of others around us.

One W STORY 3“We must be mindful of what we eat to fuel our bodies, how we exercise both planned and incidental, and how we take time out for ourselves doing, importantly, something we love.”

One Wybelenna, 1 Wybelenna Street, Brookfield, QLD

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